Canon U.S.A., Inc. Launches the colorWAVE T-Series and plotWAVE T-Series, the  Next Generation of Large-Format Printers

MELVILLE, NY, June 18, 2024 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the next generation of its PlotWave large-format printers for technical document printing and its ColorWave models, which also handle light graphic applications. Built on proven and trusted technologies, including CrystalPoint and Radiant Fusing technologies, the Canon colorWAVE T-Series and plotWAVE T-Series large-format printers combine the latest innovations in product design and controller technology to deliver highly productive printing systems that are designed to reliably and easily reproduce high-quality technical drawings or posters and point-of-sale output. Additionally, all models include PRISMA Tech Suite—a new set of workflow solutions—as well as multiple I.T. security features to help provide a high degree of protection.

Developed for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals, manufacturing companies, government offices, and commercial print service providers handling larger sets of technical documents, the previous ColorWave and PlotWave series have achieved long-term, market-leading success. Since their introduction, over 62,000 printers have been installed, worldwide, by customers needing to reliably produce accurate, high-quality prints at the touch of a button, whenever needed. This next generation of colorWAVE and plotWAVE large-format printers builds on this successful platform, incorporating new and enhanced features to help further advance product performance for higher productivity and ease of use for the Years Ahead.

The new colorWAVE T-Series replaces previous ColorWave models and offers two versions—the T60 and T65—which produce up to four ARCH D-sized color prints per minute. The T60 model offers a media capacity of up to four rolls. The T65 model, which provides additional print modes for those requiring higher quality, has a greater media capacity—up to six rolls plus more media versatility. The new, monochrome plotWAVE T-Series also replaces the previous PlotWave series and offers five different models—the T30, T35, T50, T55, and T75—producing maximum print speeds ranging from up to 4 ARCH D-sized prints/minute to up to 10 ARCH D-sized prints/minute and offering a maximum media capacity of 2–6 rolls, up to 36 inches wide. Moreover, all T-Series models come with a standard stacker feature, and, by adding the optional integrated scanner, you can turn any model into a multifunction printer.

Giving professionals the productivity tools they need to do their job, the new Canon colorWAVE T-Series and plotWAVE T-Series large-format printers incorporate a new and improved POWERsync+ controller. Featuring faster hardware and increased memory capacity for more rapid job processing, the POWERsync+ controller also runs on Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2021; having access to the latest Microsoft Windows security functionality to help keep their system secure offers customers added peace of mind. Print jobs can be submitted remotely from a range of devices and, thanks to the new Remote ON function, the printer is ready to go as soon as the user arrives. Productivity and ease of use are further enhanced by an optional Operator Attention Light on top of the printers. There’s also a sensor in the media drawers that automatically calculates the remaining media length on the roll.

The new PRISMA Tech Suite1 also helps to improve productivity. A set of workflow solutions for the colorWAVE T-Series and plotWAVE T-Series models, the PRISMA Tech Suite is designed to help customers stay in control by allowing them to easily manage their print operations for efficient, convenient workflows.

Benefits of PRISMA Tech Suite’s Printer Tools:

  • PRISMAproduce Tech helps enable users to easily create, manage, and submit complex sets of documents from a web browser to one or more printers simultaneously and is designed for a consistent print process and more reliable print quality, thanks to dedicated templates and easier I.T. maintenance;
  • the cloud-based PRISMAlytics Accounting1 captures data for cost charging and usage monitoring; and,
  • PRISMAlytics Dashboard,1 a cloud-based management information tool, is designed to provide comprehensive overviews to monitor and maximize the production of print operations.

Canon understands that security is a key concern with its customers, and so integrated in the new colorWAVE T-Series and plotWAVE T-Series models are further-developed print security technology features, including the automatic deployment of Microsoft security patches and pin code or password printing. A system administrator can specify when the security patches are deployed as well as set up notifications about new security patch availability and status updates. For added security, a user can now enter a pin code or password just before printing. On arriving at the printer, the user simply enters the pin code or password on the ClearConnect user panel to access the file; this helps prevent unauthorized persons from acquiring that data. In addition, other integrated security features of the T-Series models include LDAP user authentication, IPSec, secure file erase, IEEE 802.1x Authentication, SNMP v3, and e-shredding.

Helping to minimize environmental impact, both the colorWAVE T-Series with its CrystalPoint technology and the plotWAVE T-Series with its Radiant Fusing technology are ENERGY STAR® V3.0 compliant and feature energy-saving modes. Like their predecessor devices—many of which are still fully functioning for their customers—the T-Series models have been designed for longevity, using materials of which at least 85% can be recycled or reused for remanufacturing. Both product lines are also EPEAT® Silver certified; the plotWAVE T-Series features toner bottles made from 50% recycled plastic, on average, while part of the packaging of the colorWAVE T-Series TonerPearls has been designed for use as the maintenance tray. The colorWAVE T-Series printers are also GREENGUARD Gold certified, as they are low-emitting and contribute to cleaner indoor air. Canon smart drivers and PRISMA Tech Suite workflow solutions also allow the T-Series to deliver first-time-right printing, thereby helping to reduce wasted prints, toner, and energy.

“For over a decade, the Canon ColorWave and PlotWave ranges have set the standard for the printing of high-quality, technical documents and, as market leaders, have earned a reputation for highly engineered and rock-solid technology, the latest security features, and built by professionals for professionals. We have maintained that reputation by continuously developing and updating the technology so that [these product lines] remain fit for purpose and retain the trust of our customers,” said Shinichi “Sam” Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “With the next generation that we’re announcing today, we have again responded to customer feedback by making the colorWAVE and plotWAVE T-Series, in combination with the new PRISMAproduce Tech, even more productive, easy to use, and equipped with robust security features, so that customers can be assured that it remains a valued and reliable investment for many years to come.”