Canon U.S.A. Announces New Quality Control Automation Options for imagePRESS C10010VP Series

MELVILLE, N.Y., June 8, 2021 – Aligning with the company’s dedication to innovation, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to introduce two new Advanced Automation Modules for the imagePRESS C10010VP Series of digital color presses: Sensing Unit and Inspection Unit, as well as a new optional Cooling Unit. Continuing to advance the series that was introduced in September 2020, this launch further supports customers within print production environments as it helps them to consistently achieve the highest quality printed output, in less time and with minimal operator intervention. These new automation modules are designed to further enhance productivity, versatility and high-image quality for users of the imagePRESS C10010VP Series.

Helping to increase efficiency and produce accurate color, the imagePRESS C10010VP’s new optional Sensing Unit Module will monitor and adjust front-to-back registration and color tone before and during production. This module helps eliminate manual involvement by measuring and adjusting prints on the fly, helping to maintain tight registration while producing dependable and vibrant color. This elevated level of automation helps saves time and effort on routine, but necessary adjustments helping to ensure production environments produce stunning output – all while their operators attend to other key areas of business. The Sensing Unit adds to the existing innovative color control technologies on the imagePRESS C10010VP Series, which come standard with the Inline Spectrophotometric Sensors (ILS) and Multi D.A.T technology that helps contribute to producing consistent and accurate color output.

Designed to help eliminate manual inspection on high value printed products and communications , as well as minimize reprints, the new optional Inspection Unit Module delivers a significant automation through its ability to monitor prints for issues and identify unwanted artifacts. Through this module, operators can also have the flexibility to have affected sheets diverted to an escape tray and automatically reprint pages for high-quality output without requiring operator involvement during production.

“The new quality control options for the Canon imagePRESS C10010VP series help alleviate some of the most pressing issues in print production. Canon is building intelligence into the equipment to assist operators so they can focus on other tasks. Automation of quality control processes and task is critical to maintain productivity and to help consistently meet customer requirements,” said German Sacristan, director, production services, Keypoint Intelligence.

Providing users with advanced, consistent printing to help increase efficiency and quality within production environments, the Inspection Unit can be optimized for the specific needs of each job. The system can spot defects as small as 0.2 mm diameter without impacting productivity. As an added convenience, users can define up to 64 zones on each page to be checked against the inspection criteria, each with nine possible levels of sensitivity.

A mandatory module when connecting the Inspection or Sensing Units, the Cooling Unit removes the residual heat from a sheet which helps contribute to a stable internal environment, allowing each unit’s sensors to measure patches reliably and consistently. By rapidly cooling the sheet, the media integrity is further preserved, helping to maintain image quality, minimize paper curl, as well as helping to prevent jamming in inline and offline finishing solutions.

“At Canon U.S.A., we are committed to innovation and advancing our solutions to meet our customers’ needs, and these new enhancements developed for the imagePRESS C10010VP Series further showcase our dedication to helping users meet the highest standards of quality and printing,” said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “These new automation features are designed to help our customers remain efficient, shorten turnaround times, automate routine color checks and inspection, and increase overall value.”

These new automation modules will be available for existing imagePRESS C10010VP Series engines and can be driven by the PRISMAsync Print Server or Fiery powered imagePRESS Server B7000/B6000 V2.