Canon Introduces New Inkjet Card Printers, Thermal Re-Transfer ID Card Printer and Dye and Pigment Label Printers

MELVILLE, N.Y., January 9, 2018 – To succeed in today’s competitive market, businesses need to evaluate every opportunity that contributes to their bottom line. Providing customers with the tools that can help meet this goal, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, unveils its reliable lineup of inkjet card printers, thermal re-transfer card printers, along with dye and pigment label printers, for convenient on-demand printing.

These new printers offer customers a variety of possibilities to help streamline their workflow and meet their everyday printing needs, such as creating security credential cards, encrypted ID cards, durable labels and business cards on-demand. In a recent study conducted by Statistic Brain¹, the number of business cards printed in the U.S. can average more than 25 million a day, with a majority of that number printed offsite. Considering an in-house solution can save significant costs, can help reduce the amount of outdated inventory and may provide added assurance that confidential information is not left exposed.

“As business budgets are shrinking across the board while the needs and wants to expand are ever mounting, it’s more important than ever to take as much in-house as possible,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “We need to help equip our customers with the tools to help them best capitalize on their office initiatives and this new lineup of printers can do just that.”


With every purchase made by a business, the main objective is to receive a maximum return on investment to justify that expense. Designed to improve productivity for event and sports arenas, schools, hospitals and retail businesses,  the new inkjet color card printer provides customers with a high-quality, distinctive long-term or one-time use, paper-and-plastic hybrid print output ability. This one machine can produce, but is not limited to, event credentials, such as a tradeshow press pass, student or employee ID card, business cards with or without imagery, product tags including SKU numbers and membership-only wholesale club cards. Users can choose to include photos for facial recognition and create corporate envelopes and retail mailers in paper or plastic.  

These inkjet card printers offer cards in four inch (CX-G6400 Inkjet Card Printer) and two inch (CX-G2400 Inkjet Card Printer) sizes, achieve fast print speeds of up to 100 business card-sized prints per minute and 45 credential-sized prints per minute on both paper and plastic cards while producing vivid, high-definition images at an astounding 1200 dpi resolution.


Engineered with speed and high-quality output in mind, the IX-R7000 Thermal Re-Transfer ID Card Printer allows user ID cards to be encoded (compatible with PVC, PET and other materials). From driver’s licenses to student ID cards, the IX-R7000 Thermal Re-Transfer ID Card Printer is capable of providing security or authorization to employees, VIP members or government agencies.

Additionally, the IX-R7000’s high-print resolution of 600dpi enables customers to print small, clear characters and images. This printer yields fast print speeds of up to 145 cards per hour, holds a large card capacity of up to 250 cards and a high-cost reduction to businesses as a result of not outsourcing. As for added security features, the IX-R7000 ID Card Printer includes the option to attach a security wire lock, preventing theft of cards and unauthorized usage of the printer.


Investing in a color label printer provides businesses the option to print-to-label in real time, helping to promote workflow efficiency, reduce inventory management costs while saving valuable office space where pre-printed labels were once stored.

From color-coded cardboard box labels to easily customizable coupons and wristbands, the new lineup of Canon Inkjet Label Printers offer extreme durability. In addition, text, QR and barcodes are consistently clearer on smaller label dimensions.

When the integrity and durability of the text is paramount, such as the font on a prescription bottle, the pigment based LX-P1300 Inkjet Label Printer is the solution. For labels used with the purpose of producing vivid images, like eye catching packing labels, the Canon LX-D5500 and LX-D1300 Inkjet Label Printers feature a dye printhead to help meet those needs.


Canon U.S.A. will be exhibiting these Canon business solutions in booth #16206 at the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas from January 09-12, 2018 and will be available for purchase through major re-sellers in the first half of 2018.  

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