Canon Boosts Productivity and Ease of Use of the Arizona 2300 Series of Flatbed Printers with Addition of FLXflow Technology

MELVILLE, NY, March 26, 2024 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the upcoming availability* of the Arizona 2300 series with FLXflow technology, which brings new productivity features to the flatbed printer series. Previously known as FLOW technology, the new FLXflow series offers not only the original ‘Hold’ functionality, which helps to hold media down on the flatbed table, but also the new optional ‘Float’ and ‘Instant Switch’ functionalities to help improve media handling.

Further features, such as additional quality modes, image layout controls and improved workflow integration, together with an optional interface that connects to 3rd party automation systems to allow for continuous loading and unloading media, are designed to help deliver increased workflow efficiency and productivity.

Catering to the mid-to-high volume market for large format graphics, the Arizona 2300 FLXflow series supports a wide variety of substrates and applications. This enables customers, both in-house or commercial print service providers (PSPs), to adapt to evolving consumer trends, such as the growing demand for personalized and made-to-order applications, while allowing for customization to remain economically viable, even for samples and one-off orders.

Offering a unique, patented way not only to hold but also to float the media, the FLXflow series comes with one standard functionality – Hold, and two optional functionalities, Float and Instant Switch. The new FLXflow Hold feature allows users to move heavier and irregular-sized media faster and more easily around the table. The Hold functionality, a feature of the original FLOW technology, works by keeping the media in place with a patented airflow technique. Using automatic measurement and adjustment of airflow levels to firmly and accurately hold various types of media in place, the functionality allows for flexible positioning with far less masking.

The new Float functionality is an optional feature that pushes air from the table upwards to create a cushion, enabling the easy positioning of heavy or challenging substrates and is designed to help reduce the risk of media damage or waste. It also is designed to provide a smoother registration of various types of media, with a ‘floating without drifting’ functionality enabling several pieces of media to be precisely positioned at the same time. The Instant Switch option allows the operator to easily change from Hold to Float by using the foot pedals for simple operability of the printer, making it easy to remove media from the table.

The latest release of PRISMAelevate XL v2.1 software, if purchased and used in conjunction with this series, doubles the printing height to 4 mm to help customers create stand-out, tactile artwork for elevated print applications that can help enhance and expand their product offering. It enables customers to explore new applications, such as high-value, textured, permanent signage, product decoration, awards, décor materials and package prototyping, as well as applications for the visually impaired. PRISMAelevate XL v2.1 software is designed to help make prints durable without the need for additional finishing steps, such as lamination, coating or spray varnishing, and can help create less waste and higher production efficiency.

In addition, the Arizona 2300 FLXflow technology offers enhanced compatibility through its optional accounting interface, enabling integration with popular accounting software such as ONYX Hub or OneVision.** This feature allows users to efficiently manage their business by feeding data directly from the printer into their accounting systems, providing them with visibility over operations.

Also included is VariaDot Gen 3 technology which introduces additional choices between Classic and Plus print modes. This advancement helps optimize the balance between print quality and production time, offering users the flexibility to achieve better quality at the same speed or maintain the same quality at higher speeds compared to previous VariaDot generations. Additionally, the elevated lenticular effects script, separate from PRISMAelevate XL, is designed to help enhance creative capabilities by enabling the creation of lenticular effects with a height of 1-1.5mm, further expanding the printer’s versatility and empowering users to explore new print applications.

Arizona 2300 FLXflow customers can take advantage of the new Advanced Image Layout Controls, which allow last-minute adjustments at the printer, giving additional flexibility when positioning substrates on the table and which is designed to help reduce waste of expensive materials. Productivity is further enhanced by service support tools such as PRISMAservice, which provides predictive maintenance and facilitates authorized remote assistance by qualified service technicians to help maximize uptime.

Current users of the Arizona 2300 with FLOW technology can upgrade their printer to the latest version with FLXflow functionalities, including the optional Float and Instant Switch features. Upgrades also include new features like the Advanced Image Layout Controls. Users can also purchase a subscription to the PRISMA XL Suite workflow software to provide a preview function, which allows users to see what the final product will look like before it’s printed, while allowing them to make any necessary adjustments. Helping to save time, this makes it possible to preview complex, multi-layered, textured jobs and provide cost estimates before printing.

“At Canon we’re committed to advancing our flatbed technology, driven by our close collaboration with both the market and our valued stakeholders. From refining printer ranges to enhancing supporting software, we strive for continuous evolution,” said Shinichi “Sam” Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “The Arizona 2300 FLXflow epitomizes this dedication, offering versatility, amazing quality, and heightened workflow efficiency. Our PRISMAservice is designed to allow for peak uptime, boosting productivity, while FLXflow’s ‘Float’ option simplifies handling irregular substrates, expanding application options. Coupled with PRISMAelevate XL’s 4 mm elevation prints, exciting new creative opportunities can emerge. We eagerly anticipate the inventive applications our customers will unveil with these enhanced functionalities and options.”

FLXflow technology requires less masking and underlays to hold media in place compared with legacy Arizona models, which is designed to help reduce media waste. As LED-UV printers, the series offers power-saving features such as first-time-right printing and Instant-On functionality. Its inks are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified, which allows prints to be uses in environments such as hospitals, schools and other public places.

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