The BTA held its 2018 national conference Sept. 19-21 at the Stewart Hotel in New York. Look for our full coverage coming soon, but in the meantime, here are a few of the highlights of the conference in photos:


Let’s just start with the keynote — the “Iron Cowboy.” He did 50 Ironmans in 50 states in 50 days. He says you can achieve anything with mind over matter. I’ve been training for a 5K for eight years. I’m not sure I believe him, but it was a good presentation.

BTA President John Eckstrom of Carolina Business Equipment welcomes attendees.


A team-building exercise, in which we formed teams of Alpha, Beta and Omega. We had to save Manhattan from a contagion outbreak. We failed, in spite of the heroic efforts of Team Beta, including Jim D’Emidio’s incredible grasp of portable DVD player technology and Vince McHenry’s sheer tenacity.

DaveRamos_M&A BTA_moreM&A

In case you weren’t aware, M&A is a big deal in the industry, as illustrated in presentations from both Visual Edge’s Dave Ramos, and Dominic Pontrelli and Randy Dazo.

BTA_scc_sponsor BTA_Tigerpaw


Sponsors and vendors are key to the BTA events. Here are just a couple of each.


Another great presentation came from Tedd Kochman of Littler on employment law. Kochman proved employment law can be entertaining in “Be Afraid … Be VERY Afraid.”



Hosted by Frank Cannata, this all-star panel on production print was a highlight of the education lineup.

new york cruise statue of liberty

Speaking of highlights: The dinner cruise was possibly an all-time BTA event highlight. See these pictures from the deck of the boat as evidence.

But also? We made a side expedition down to Little Italy for the Feast of San Gennaro with a few of our industry friends. As it turns out, Patricia Ames knows a guy. This guy, as it happens, has a family that has been running Chachi’s Hot Sausages at the Feast since 1975.


Thank you for allowing us to indulge ourselves a little there – and if you make it to San Gennaro next year, be sure to check it out!


And like all BTA events, this one wrapped up with a huge prize giveaway, and we’re going to show some love and say congrats to our good friends, Vince and Michele McHenry of LaserLab. We mentioned Vince’s tenacity earlier and it paid off, as he won second prize in the BTA’s app contest.

Finally, big congratulations to the BTA’s Channel’s Choice Award winners – you can see who they are here.