Give it the Old College Try: The Benefits of Hiring Interns

Managed print services industry peers – take a look at your current workforce and chances are you’ll see a team that is well established and, for lack of a better term, aging.  While the importance of knowledgeable and skilled veteran employees cannot be denied, it may be well worth it to invite an intern or two from a local college/university to round out the staff.

The benefits of an internship program are many, for both the company and the intern.

Internships often translate into full-time employees down the road, saving the time and resources a company must expend when going through the candidate search and hire procedure.  Taking on an intern – even for a few months – can increase office productivity.  Interns are typically willing to take on tasks that other more experienced employees don’t have the time (or desire) to do, thereby freeing those full-timers up to concentrate on more complicated items.

And don’t discount the energy and fresh ideas an intern can bring to your office.  Different perspectives and innovative concepts from a younger generation could change and even help the way your long-time employees move forward creatively.

As far as the student intern, just think of the valuable experience they’ll gain working with a team of pros. It’s one thing to learn about an industry from the classroom, but something else altogether when given the chance to put those learned skills to work, not to mention getting an education on teamwork, time management and communication.

Industry connections made while working in your firm will undoubtedly be useful to an intern’s future; the relationships formed during those formative internship months can go a long distance toward developing a potential professional career.

Having the opportunity to explore a career path can prove priceless.  The first-hand experience interns acquire by working alongside seasoned professionals can help them decide if a career in the Managed Print Services industry is one they want to pursue, and if so they will have an upper-hand in landing that job once graduated – all because you established an internship program.

Speaking from experience, I can honestly say the internship program we have in place has been great for the company, staff and definitely the interns!


Ray Belanger is CEO of Bay Copy, located in Rockland, MA and serving the region since 1972.