AI and Cybersecurity Meet at ConnectWise IT Nation Secure

At the recent IT Nation Secure conference, held in early June in Orlando, the pivotal role of cybersecurity and AI in the evolving tech landscape took center stage. The event, marking five years of IT Nation Secure, brought together more than 1,200 attendees on the front lines of cybersecurity and IT.

Greg Lalle and Jason Magee open the event.

ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee kicked off the presentation by reflecting on the growth and transformation of IT Nation over the past five years. He emphasized ConnectWise’s commitment to fostering an open ecosystem that offers partners a variety of solutions to stay nimble and effective. This vision, he noted, requires dedicated leadership and a passion for continuous improvement — qualities embodied by Greg Lalle, newly appointed as the leader of IT Nation. Lalle shared his dedication to advancing the community, pledging to partner with technology service providers (TSPs) to harness the full potential of the IT Nation community. He highlighted the importance of balancing performance with a meaningful, sustainable approach that includes culture building, delegation, and attention to mental and physical health.

The intersection of AI and cybersecurity

The conference centered around the convergence of AI and cybersecurity, outlining the transformative impact of AI on the industry. AI offers unprecedented opportunities, but it also expands the attack surface for cyberthreats. The speakers underscored the need for businesses to adopt AI-driven defense strategies to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

ConnectWise has been at the forefront of AI integration, introducing its Sidekick tool last fall. Feedback has been positive, said McGee, driving further iterations and improvements, leading to the development of Sidekick for cybersecurity.

Introduced during the event, Sidekick for Security allows MSP owners and technicians to query using natural language prompts to quickly understand their or their customer’s overall security posture and identify high-priority security areas on which to focus their next actions. Additionally, ConnectWise Sidekick is now accessible directly from within the ConnectWise Asio platform, centralizing the power of AI in a single location. 

Introducing Security 360

Another highlight of the event was the introduction of ConnectWise Security 360, a multilayered cybersecurity solution designed to simplify and enhance security management for MSPs. Built on the Asio platform, Security 360 aggregates, correlates, and normalizes data from various sources, providing a unified experience that strengthens clients’ security postures.

Looking ahead

The event emphasized the importance of proactive defense measures, including leveraging AI for threat detection and response. Attendees were encouraged to embrace the technological renaissance driven by AI and cybersecurity advancements. The message was clear: the future of IT Nation Secure lies in continuous innovation, community collaboration, and a commitment to enhancing cybersecurity measures.

Scenes around the show floor.

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