AgentDealer Announces New Collaborations

AgentDealer, a specialized CRM provider, has strategically collaborated with three esteemed companies to develop the only truly comprehensive and fully integrated marketing solution tailored to the Office Technology Industry. This alliance is anchored by the expertise of each partner, ensuring a seamless and effective integration of services.

First, Pontrelli Marketing contributes with its innovative tool, M.G.R. (Marketing Group, Rank) application. This tool synergizes marketing and sales process consulting expertise with advanced customer data analysis to offer dealers strategic revenue growth guidance, ensuring optimized marketing efforts for maximal impact. The M.G.R. application syncs directly with the CRM, providing critical data to drive targeted marketing efforts by individual market segments.

Second, Evolved Office brings its specialized marketing platform to the collaboration, designed specifically for the Office Technology Industry. This platform enables dealers to engage their customers and prospects with highly relevant and curated content, enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing outreach.

The process is further refined through sophisticated lead-scoring techniques. Qualified leads are seamlessly integrated into the CRM. The Pontrelli Marketing App and Evolved Office integration within the CRM trigger a series of automated workflows that efficiently manage lead assignment, notification, and tracking, ensuring a streamlined progression from lead generation to deal closure.

For dealers who prefer using HubSpot, our partnership includes the expertise of Quantum Business Solutions, a certified HubSpot consultant with extensive knowledge of the Dealer environment.

Quantum leverages HubSpot’s robust features to enhance dealers’ marketing strategies, ensuring maximum effectiveness and integration with their existing tech stack. Additionally, Quantum harnesses the power of HubSpot’s advanced marketing tools, enabling dealers to engage their audience more effectively and drive superior business results through innovative, data-driven strategies.

This unique collaboration between AgentDealer and its partners represents a groundbreaking, fully automated approach in the Office Technology Industry, offering a synergistic Sales and Marketing solution that significantly amplifies opportunities within the pipelines of dealer companies. Through this partnership, we are committed to driving success and growth for our clients.

Price Book Manager

In an effort to improve the constant battle of Price book maintenance, AgentDealer is introducing several new tools to simplify and expedite these changes.

Price Book List Manager

Our new Price Book List Manager allows you to make broad-stroke price adjustments across your entire Price Book or a defined subset of it with just a few simple keystrokes.

Let’s say you needed to uplift ALL of your models and accessories by a particular percentage across your entire Price Book. With a simple push of a button, you can select your filter criteria for ALL models and accessories and which price book levels you would like the adjustment to apply to.

Through simple filter criteria you now have the ability to make wholesale or extremely targeted adjustments within moments and a few button selections. It is incredibly simple – even for a non-technical user. The new Price Book List Manager saves valuable time and possible errors in identifying the proper data set of a traditional manual

Price Book List Import / Export Buttons

For revisions that are more exacting than a sweeping price change – we are launching our new Price Book Export and Import tool. Gone are the days of creating a report or query to ensure you have the correct IDs and related elements. Now, you can build a list view of the items that need to be edited, select the Export button, and download those items in an Excel format for modifications in a familiar environment. Once your adjustments have been made – simply use the “Import” button, upload your file, visually confirm the automatic mappings, and commit the new information back into your system.

Price Level, Promos & Contract Start and End Dates

Contract pricing can be specific for a particular client and price levels can have start and stop dates. With the simple addition of beginning and end dates, AgentDealer will AUTOMATICALLY make the pricing available, or unavailable to your reps via our QuoteBuilder. This is an extremely valuable feature for fixed-term contracts and promotional pricing. It automates and eliminates the possibility of expired pricing being inadvertently utilized.

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