The Sailor Group Announces Partnership with Symphonic Source

Windermere, FL, Wednesday, November 16th, 2022 The Sailor Group, Inc., the developers of AgentDealer®, a custom CRM platform for the office technology industry, announced today their partnership with Symphonic Source bring to their solution, Cloudingo, to provide enterprise-level data cleansing and management to their customers.

Cloudingo is a cloud-based, deduplication, and data quality tool customized for Salesforce that cleans and helps make sense of your data. With Cloudingo, you can eliminate redundancies and consolidate data, so business decisions are based on facts, not hunches.

Validate and standardize addresses
Restore erroneous merges
Collaborate and track changes
Automate on a schedule
An All-in-One Data Management Platform
Merge and convert records
Dedupe import files
Find and export data
Transform and update fields

“To be successful with CRM, you have to have “High User Adoption,” and clean data is one of the key factors driving this. Reps need to trust their CRM. Having dirty information is a sure way to drive down usage. Our integration of Cloudingo will bring an enterprise-level duplicate/data management tool to our platform and customers. They’re going to love it! said Ed Barfield – CEO, The Sailor Group, Inc.