xerox lgsqBy Leah Quesada, Xerox

While it’s true that large enterprises often have more eye-catching budgets, channel partners shouldn’t overlook small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs employ more than half of the U.S. population, drive innovation, and create about two of every three new jobs.  They are a critical part of the channel partner sales base and desire what enterprises want in terms of security, mobility, customization, productivity, and above all else, digitization. The trick is figuring out what tools and solutions partners can offer SMBs that meet their budgets. 

duhonBy Bryant Duhon, Prospect Builder

We get some variation of these questions frequently: “We’ve been in business for [insert number of decades here]. We have a marketing staff. Why should we outsource our inbound marketing strategy?” At times, we’ve stumbled over trying to figure out exactly how to answer that. The obvious reasons are to “rent” expertise you don’t have and because you (or your staff) doesn’t have the time to either develop the expertise or devote the time to implementing a strategy (after all, strategy without implementation is useless).

muratec 150By Andrew Jones, Muratec America Inc.

At a recent industry event, attendees got a brief augmented reality introduction, learning what augmented reality is and how it may eventually affect the communication dynamic between brand and customer. Enterprise level organizations, such as IKEA, Jose Cuervo and Heineken, have already embraced this new technology in successful campaigns. It’s just a matter of time before augmented reality moves downstream to SMBs. Office equipment dealers have a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with this new technology in its early stages (i.e., today) and play an integral part in SMB adoption.

Epson 150By Larry Trevarthen, Epson America

The small-to-medium business (SMB) market has provided a large, yet complicated opportunity for dealers and vendors. The SMB segment has more diverse needs and less infrastructure support compared to the large enterprise segment, and therefore requires more support from their vendor partners. While SMB customers can be more agile in their decision making due to their smaller size, technology implementations can be time consuming due to the level of assistance required. Therefore, it is critical for SMBs to develop strong channel relationships to find a solution customized for their needs. 

Roderick TICBy Brad Roderick, TonerCycle/InkCycle

The pressure is real. The competition is intense. And the statistics, egads! Buyers don’t need you. Buyers know more about you than you do. Half of B2B buyers are going to buy over the web, which is becoming the most popular channel for purchases. 

samsung lgsqBy Eddie Castillo, Samsung Electronics America

Everybody wants to land a whale. And why not? Since today’s technology is much more easily demonstrated than explained, it makes it even easier to land a big sale with an enterprise customer. Based on the centralized, hierarchical structure of larger businesses, it can be much easier to demonstrate the power of groundbreaking technology and impress a single customer; whereas with SMBs, you often have to put in much more time and legwork to match the volume of your larger clients (and many times they are not the type to spring for the bleeding edge). If the sum of all of your accounts with 10 small businesses equals the same as the revenue you collect from a single, large account — and it takes a relatively shorter time to make the sale to your larger customer — then why would you even bother with the little guys? 

MikeFeldmanby Patricia Ames

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Feldman, corporate executive vice president and president of North America Operations at Xerox, during the Executive Connection Summit hosted by MWA Intelligence and Technology United. Feldman is a seasoned executive with broad experience within two giants of the channel – HP and currently Xerox. The war for market share is on — join me in the SpeakEasy and learn how the battlefield is taking shape.