February 2017


channelchatgeneric120From standard best marketing practices to the importance of hiring millennials as salespeople, this month’s panel has a lot to say about sales and marketing best practices in 2017. Find out why data is king, whether traditional copier salespeople can sell solutions, and where some of the industry’s leaders plan to invest this year.

Amesby Patricia Ames

New year, new tools and solutions to try. Here’s a list of some of the hottest new trends in marketing to help jump start your activities in 2017. And if trying something new seems too daunting, we’ve got a great throwback resurfacing that you can focus on.

Weissby Amy Weiss

We live in a business environment filled with buzzwords. “Thought leadership.” “Best practices.” “Leveraging relationships.” “Core competencies.” These are just a few you might hear on a daily basis. Buzzwords get a lot of flak for being meaningless, but in truth, the meaning is all dependent on the intent behind the phrase. When you are told to create “customer delight” you may cringe — but in fact, this concept of going beyond customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations can have a very real impact on your bottom line.

Speakeasyby Patricia Ames

Let’s do a 
little space exploration in this month’s SpeakEasy — as in the production print, industrial print and graphic communications space. Join me as we go on a thought-provoking journey to the great unknown with Gavin Jordan-Smith of Konica Minolta.

Stewartby Ken Stewart

At its core, automation is designed to amplify two of business’s most valuable assets — time and money. As every entrepreneur will tell you, “You can accomplish anything with enough time and money,” quickly adding, “… and there is never enough of either.” Given these natural constraints, SMBs and mid-market firms constantly fight to survive and grow their businesses with one key goal in mind — profitable revenue generation. Facing every constraint from working capital and distribution footprint to talent acquisition and marketing strategies, businesses have increasingly matured from thinking of technology as a luxury to the sobering reality that it is now table stakes in the bid to court, woo, and wed today’s savvy customer.

Roderickby Brad Roderick

The year 2017 is officially underway and the pages of the calendar are rapidly being filled in. Flip to December 31, 2017. What do you see besides the words “New Year’s Eve”? Nothing? Take a minute and write (or type) “Annual Review.” Go ahead, I will wait. All done? Great. Now flip to the last day of March, June and September. On each of those days, plug in the words “Quarterly Review.” Now, do the same for the last day of each month, writing “Monthly Review.” 

Kellyby Lindsay Kelley and Brian Signorelli

“Inbound” is a term being used more and more frequently in our industry. If you haven’t heard about it, just ask any of the $100 million+ dealerships and they can give you a good idea, because almost all of them are using it — to varying degrees of effectiveness.