Current Issue

October 2014

by Amy Weiss

If you watch enough
Animal Planet you’ll learn that certain creatures have amazing skills of adaptation, allowing them to excel in any environment, no matter how harsh. Extra-long limbs to access food sources out of reach to competitors, extra-large ears to hear both predators and prey better than the rest, the ability to store reserves of water or food — these adaptations are not about mere survival. Rather, these animals have developed in ways that allow them to excel, to thrive, and to gain an edge over their competitors.

by Tom Bayersdorfer, MNPS

Education: easily one of the hardest professions on the planet. On top of the enormous challenge of preparing students for productive, rewarding lives for decades to come, every school district faces the same mundane operational challenges that any organization does. One of those operational challenges is cost-effectively managing people, processes and equipment — especially when it includes thousands of users in dozens of locations. 

by Lindsay Kelley, Dealer Marketing

We are in the middle of an evolution. Not only are we transitioning our businesses into reputable managed IT services providers, but our customers are evolving as well. More and more, buyers are rejecting our sales team’s offers to educate and inspire with meaningful insight, but why? It’s because we’re not sharing our message in the same language the prospects are speaking … digital. In this two-part series, we’ll examine the top B2B social business tool you can use to gain market share and grow your bottom-line sales. 

by Robert Palmer

The printing business soldiers on despite a continued onslaught of dire predictions from pundits and naysayers — both inside the industry and out. A quick Internet search today reveals hundreds of articles forecasting the death of paper, the death of printing, or the paperless office. Most of these predictions deal with issues surrounding a rapidly evolving workforce that is increasingly younger, more mobile, and technology savvy. Digital and mobile technologies have fostered more efficient and effective ways for working with information, and knowledge workers have become less dependent on paper. 

by Jordan Darragh, Print Releaf

As businesses become more conscientious about how to contribute to the common good, corporate social responsibility (CSR) best practices make their way into the conversation. A growing trend, CSR still remains relatively ambiguous to many business decision-makers. It is time to unpack the highly popular term “CSR” and understand where best practices are headed, how they’re evolving, why CSR is growing in popularity, and perhaps most importantly, how it benefits customers in the imaging industry. 

by Charles Brewer, Actionable Intelligence

Ask a printer-industry geek “What’s hot right now?” and the answer will be “Color.” Or, at least it should be. After all, the low-hanging fruit for MPS practitioners is now as abundant as water in a California reservoir and the 3D market is as far away from maturation as I am. But while growth in 3D and MPS rises and falls, respectively, the market for color devices is looking pretty good at present. Listening to the OEMs’ earning calls this summer and reading their quarterly financial results for the past couple of years, it’s clear that hardware manufacturers are experiencing some level of revenue growth from the sales of color hardware and supplies. While some have been more successful than others, in general, the OEMs have reported that they’ve been selling more color devices over the past couple of years.

by Thomas Jensen, HP

One of the most reliable ways to ensure a long, successful and mutually beneficial customer relationship is to provide offerings and services that scale to fit each customer’s needs. By serving customers well and generating a relationship built on trust, your business will be rewarded with steady profits over time. A key first step to creating this type of mutually beneficial relationship is assessing the business needs of your customer. By properly diagnosing a business challenge and providing the correct equipment and services to overcome that challenge, you will plant the seed of trust necessary in the best partnerships.

by Patricia Ames

The Imaging Channel had the opportunity to sit down with Toshiba America Business Solutions President and CEO Scott Maccabe and have a fascinating discussion involving buffaloes, unicorns, big stadium deals and the changing world of information consumption. Join me in the SpeakEasy.

by Jim Lyons

For my September “Jim Lyons Observations” column, I looked at some of my recollections and analysis of document digitization — a process that has been with us quite some time, but still in some ways has not yet reached its “tipping point.” As is my habit, I combined a look at the past and present, while seeking insight into a future outcome.