Current Issue

June 2010

by Norm McConkey

"Dealer fatigue." When I heard the phrase, it resonated with me in an instant. No explanation necessary. When a colleague of mine turned the phrase to describe his decision to move from a channel position he held, recruiting and training dealers on managed print services, to working for a dealer, I laughed. Then I got to thinking: is that what I'm doing? And, what if the reason for some dealers' lack of success with MPS wasn't their fault? Maybe the prescription was killing the patient. If it's as easy as I say it is, then maybe I should try it.

by Emily Offshack

To deliver an MPS program, you require the knowledge and expertise that both BTA dealers and VARs possess. While BTA dealers struggle to mold their current business processes to MPS, VARs are being slow to move into the MPS space. There is a lot they can learn from each other, and both have the potential to be successful in MPS. As MPS related sales continue to grow, new companies and independent corporate divisions focused solely on MPS are starting to emerge—is this the way of the future?

by Charles Brewer, Actionable Intelligence

A couple of months ago, my friends at The Imaging Channel asked me to write "The Skeptic" blog for their website and this column for the magazine. The job required that, despite all the excitement, I remain skeptical of the over-the-top claims swirling around managed print services and try to cut through the hype.