Current Issue

October 2011

by Raegen Pietrucha

“The best laid plans of mice and men …” — well, you know how it goes. Or do you? No matter how deeply a business speculates about future obstacles and attempts to prepare for what it thinks can be expected, the unanticipated appears, throwing a stick in the spokes.

by Jim Rise, Xerox Corp.

What if I told you that businesses with more than 100 employees that need help reducing costs and optimizing assets are an $8-billion opportunity for managed print services? Would that be something you’d be interested in?

by Greer Deneen

Security and compliance is a high-stakes topic in virtually any company today. Get it wrong, and — depending on the nature of the business — consequences can range from loss of critical data to customer identity theft or the always-invigorating litigation stemming from HIPAA and privacy violations. And that’s only half the story.

by Gil Wazana, Micro Solutions Enterprises

Over the last year, I have been the self-appointed Guardian of Quality when it comes to discussing the importance of quality with respect to consumables within any MPS program. It’s not that quality isn’t important in transactional business, but it seems that most people, whether or not they practice what they preach, tend to talk more about cartridge quality when it comes to transactional or a-la-carte business versus MPS programs.

by Raegen Pietrucha

Founded in 1949 in Tulsa, Okla., JD Young began its business in the industry as a print shop. The company became a copier reseller in the 1950s, and until recently, it was focused primarily on selling hardware and providing electronic content management. In 2007, though, JD Young headed into MPS with two of its previously established customers, and its business in the arena has continued to flourish since.

The Imaging Channel’s Managed Print Summit took place July 19 in Las Vegas. Leaders in the technology and managed print field shared their expertise with a crowd of nearly 300 dealers; IT VARs; software, hardware and supplies providers; those interested in building their MPS offering and those looking to enter the arena.

by Charles Brewer, Actionable Intelligence

After reporting lackluster third-quarter results in August, Hewlett-Packard indicated it was restructuring to pursue “higher value, higher margin growth categories.” Details of the planned reorg provoked already-angry HP investors when they learned that the firm planned to end production of webOS devices like the recently released HP TouchPad and signaled it may — or may not — sell or spin off its PC unit.

by Greer Deneen

When you look at Atlantic Business Products today, you won’t see many vestiges of the company’s copier dealer roots. With more than 15,000 customers, 250-plus employees and four locations in the New York City metropolitan area, the organization has — in just a handful of years — evolved into a full-spectrum managed services firm and one of the top five independent dealers in the country.