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April 2012

by Charles Brewer, Actionable Intelligence

Xerox had a better year in 2011 than many hardware manufacturers. While the second half of the year was tough, the firm managed to grow its total 2011 revenue approximately 5 percent to $22.6 billion, up about $1 billion over the previous year’s revenue. Xerox has its Services organization to thank for much of the growth. Revenue from Services was up in fiscal 2011 compared to the year before, but sales from Xerox’s Technology business, which includes sales of hardware and supplies, appear to have been down last year compared to 2010.

by Greg Walters, Walters & Shutwell

After five years of managed print services, one would imagine a standard set of MPS rules would rise out of the fog. (I know, you’ve been doing MPS for 25,000 years. Get over it.) And yet there is still debate over what exactly MPS stands for — not the acronym, but the vision and real value of managed print services.

by Mike Stramaglio, MWA Intelligence

Ever since the day I got my first BlackBerry, I’ve had a smartphone in my hand or attached to my hip. I’ve even been known to wear out keyboards on my BlackBerry because of my insatiable obsession with communication. 

The Imaging Channel recently sat down with Gary Stevens, CEO of Agiliant Inc.

by Ken Stewart, Photizo Group

Many dealers and resellers on the edge of managed print services equate MPS with simply taking over the service and supplies for printer fleets. By this definition, you could assume MPS is naturally suited for existing account expansion. But simply taking over the service and supplies for printer fleets is just the tip of the iceberg. At the other end of the spectrum is the hybrid provider — a dealer or reseller who has made a complete transformation and is riding a wave of success.

by Jim Kahrs, Prosperity Plus

Dealerships that lead the pack are in almost every case simply more organized and proactive in their approach to the business and the changes at hand. Here are five steps you can take to become a leader in this evolving industry.

by Robert Sombach, Nexent

The service business is on the move. To ensure a happy and satisfied customer base and an efficient field service team, the option of employing mobile technology is no longer considered “nice to have.” It has become a necessity to stay competitive.

by Jake Fishman, Gap Intelligence

It’s been hard to ignore the growing buzz surrounding the printing industry’s direct sales organizations as news of downsizing and branch closures placed a spotlight on the sustainability of the business model.