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July 2012

by Raegen Pietrucha

The F-16 is a truly exceptional, multirole aircraft. The fighter plane’s nimble design, efficiency and graceful maneuverability allow the U.S. Air Force to establish air superiority. The genius of the F-16 is its ability to blend superior technology with common sense, enabling one pilot to engage in an air battle against larger “competitors” and still emerge victorious. The F-16 blends the best air technology has to offer, creating affordable, effective planes that greatly enhance the probability of a successful mission.

by Charles Brewer

Hardware manufacturers have indicated that their equipment and consumables businesses remained lackluster early in 2012. Unfortunately, most printer and copier makers are sending signals that they do not expect things will turn around anytime soon. With only a few exceptions, the OEMs reported flagging sales and profits in the first quarter of the year, and revenue from hardware and consumables remains depressed. Services have become the one bright spot in the industry, however, and the space continues to see a lot of activity.

by Mike Huster

Since Photizo Group was established in 2006, focusing its gaze upon the managed print services (MPS) industry, there has been an amazingly quick growth rate of the MPS market. The journey has taken us from simple copier contracts with a monthly cost per page to comprehensive document management and business process optimization. Today, there is a buffet of new MPS programs and opportunities for dealers and decision-makers to choose from.

by Raegen Pietrucha

Ever wonder why it came to pass that printer and copier providers started becoming managed service providers and vice versa? If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps it was when print devices became network-capable. Perhaps it was when the recession hit, and companies were forced to think of new businesses they could diversify into to survive. Perhaps it was something else altogether. Whatever the case may be, though, there’s no doubt that this crossover trend is real and here to stay.

Mark Mathews, president and CEO of Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc., talks trends, challenges and opportunities in managed print and managed services. Read more from Mathews in this Executive Corner. 

by Greg Walters, Walters & Shutwell

Everybody has a different view, idea and opinion about the history of managed print services. It’s like trying to determine who is an American through genealogy; it all depends on your definition of “American.” In my opinion, managed print services was created as existing elements combined, coalescing into today’s common MPS image. I’ve calculated that this process, the quickening, started around 2006-2007. There were MPS pioneers years before 2007; the legendary Print Inc. comes to mind. Indeed, Print Inc. was one of the first entities to convert cartridge pricing into cost per image and sell it successfully. Revolutionary in its time, today programs like that would be nothing more than table stakes.

by Raegen Pietrucha

Alongside a flowing blue stretch of the Colorado River at the southernmost tip of Nevada stands Laughlin’s Avi Resort & Casino, the only American Indian-owned casino left in the state. Built in 1995, it boasts more than 450 rooms and 25,000 square feet of gaming area. It also possesses a separate, 8,000-square-foot storage space stacked floor to ceiling solely with paper records.