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April 2015

What does channel evolution look like to those from within? We decided to find out by asking a few questions of some industry leaders, giving them the opportunity to answer some or all of the questions. The answers, like our panelists, are diverse, surprising and informative. 


by Robert Palmer

Each spring marks the beginning of the annual dealer meetings for many printer/MFP manufacturers, and Ricoh was one of those, welcoming its dealers to the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for Convergence 2015 March 2-4. Convergence 2015 offered several noticeable differences compared with previous Ricoh dealer events. 

by Lindsay Kelley, Dealer Marketing

In our last article, we focused on your prospects and their preferred new language — digital. To begin with, we gave tips and insights into building your profile up in the right way so that you look like the Wolf of Wall Street (only trustworthy!) on your LinkedIn profile, not The Dude from the Big Lebowski. Now, let’s discover how to take that freshly polished LinkedIn profile and successfully generate qualified leads. 

by Amy Weiss

It seemed timely that our “channel evolution” issue was scheduled to go into production as we were returning home from the ITEX conference. A frequent comment regarding trade shows is that they are a microcosm of the industries they represent. That has commonly been the case in the imaging channel, as trade shows have evolved along with the trends in the industry. Large OEM presences, a plethora of Chinese supplies companies, a focus on managed IT services – you name it and industry trade shows have been exemplary of the trend.

by West McDonald, Print Audit

Anybody who watches “The Walking Dead” understands that transformations aren’t always fun, nor do they always result in something better than the original product. Zombies are evidence that unwanted change can result in some not-so-positive results. You start your day drinking orange juice and whisking the kids off to school only to be bitten by some grey-skinned member of the zombie apocalypse. Next thing you know you’re drooling, walking with a limp, and looking for some juicy brains to snack on. Talk about a bad way to start the first day of the rest of your undead life. 

by Larry Jamieson

Online shopping has grown by astronomical proportions over the past decade, and it sometimes seems a little mind boggling what we can now purchase with a click of the computer keyboard. It is the old mail-order paradigm on steroids as we can find what we need today and have it on our doorstep tomorrow if we are willing to pay for overnight shipping.

by Christopher Zybert, New England Document Systems

Going paperless
is far from a novel idea. In fact, the concept of going paperless has been around for quite some time. The origins of the paperless society can be traced back to 1978, when Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster, a British-American information scientist, first envisioned a future in which all paper is replaced by electronic documents and storage. He understood that technology would eventually eliminate the need to handle print documents, and that record keepers would instead become information specialists.

by Robert Palmer

At a press and analyst event in New York City, HP unveiled its latest laser printers aimed at SMBs and small workgroups. The one-day event began with a press conference led by Pradeep Jotwani, senior vice president of HP’s LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions business, followed by a hands-on product showcase featuring HP’s newest technology. The showcase allowed time for in-depth review of the new machines and provided attendees with direct access to many of the engineers and product managers behind HP’s latest products. Attending this event brought back fond memories of the good old days in the printing market, when hardware announcements used to matter. 

by Amy Weiss

Kurt Schmelz was appointed president of the newly formed U.S. Channel Group (USCG) within Xerox’s Channel Partner Operations in January. We sat down with him to learn exactly what that means, where he came from, and where he and the USCG are headed.