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July 2014

by Steven Branstetter, Crawford Thomas

Good help is hard to find. This is a saying that we have all heard before and most likely will all agree with. This problem is magnified when it comes to finding great employees in any technology-based business. The IT world is constantly evolving and there are always new companies on the rise, just waiting to steal away your top talent.

by Vince Luciani, Innovolt

Do voltage sags damage my MFPs? While much has been written in technical journals on the causes of voltage sags — momentary reductions or loss of voltage — this article will focus on the effects that voltage sags can have on electronic assets.

by Sarah Henderson, Clover Imaging Group

How often do we find ourselves observing that “hindsight is always 20/20”? I make this clichéd statement at times when working with dealers that are too often struggling with their MPS program or portfolio of underperforming deals. The frustration has some resellers longing for a trip back in time to simple bundling, break-fix and transactional printer supply sales. So take a moment and think back to the beginning of the MPS business and let this article be a warning letter to create a better MPS future.

by Shawn Stockman, OnePak

A funny thing happens to many copiers prior to the scheduled termination of their original lease. A dealer (sometimes the original dealer and sometimes an enterprising dealer eager to displace the incumbent) convinces the customer (lessee) that he or she needs a newer model with more bells and whistles, and needs it now. 

by Amy Weiss

The worldwide label printer market is big business — more than $1.5 billion according to VDC Research. To take advantage of that market, Japanese manufacturer Graphtec is expanding its reach into the United States with the launch of the LABELROBO full color digital label creation system. We caught up with Hiroyuki Takahata, senior director of Graphtec, to ask a few questions about the company, the exciting new launch, and plans for the future.

by Charles Brewer, Actionable Intelligence

If we believe the observations of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), an esteemed group of economists whose word is gospel when it comes to the growth and decline of the U.S. economy, the recession ended in June 2009. Hallelujah! But it seems hard to believe that the recession ended five years ago. Not because of any syrupy notions about how “time flies,” but simply because it is hard to believe that the recession ended so long ago, and things still don’t feel like they’ve normalized yet.

by Darrell Amy, Dealer Marketing

Have you noticed that when you buy something you are doing more and more research online before you go to a store or talk to a salesperson? If this is true of you, this is also true of your prospects. According to a recent survey of 1,400 business decision makers published in the Harvard Business Review, buyers are now on average 57 percent of the way through the buying process before they engage a sales rep or vendor.

by Robert Palmer

As the market for MPS continues to evolve it has opened up a wider array of opportunities for vendors and service providers. Businesses today are looking to gain greater value from their MPS engagements by expanding beyond print to address issues such as business process optimization, workflow automation, and content management. Key to addressing these opportunities is a broad range of service capabilities built around a strong document solutions portfolio. 

by Patricia Ames

The Imaging Channel recently had a very interesting discussion with Michael George, CEO of Continuum at the BTA event in Chicago. Join me in the speakeasy.

Matthew SmithIn late May, Samsung Electronics America announced that Matthew Smith was joining the company as a member of the Enterprise Business Division leadership team, responsible for managing B2B sales, fostering channel relationships and driving market share growth for the Samsung print business. We had a few questions for him as he embarks on this endeavor.