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April 2013

by Raegen Pietrucha

When dealers talk compensation plans for their sales staff, the majority of the conversation naturally revolves around — you guessed it — money: how much will be dished out, in what fashion, etc. These are important decisions that can make or break a business, and they have in fact been addressed many times in the pages of The Imaging Channel and beyond.

memjet office printingby Jim Lyons

Those close to the printing and imaging industry know the Memjet saga has been a long and winding one. Memjet and its (former) parent, Silverbrook Research, went public in 2007 with a stunning technology story supported by thousands of patents, dramatically fast printing demos and a business model that offered a far less expensive cost per page for speedy color printing.

by Raegen Pietrucha

Co-founded by Thomas G. Stemberg and the late Leo Kahn in 1986, Staples opened its first location in Brighton, Mass. (just outside of Boston). Since, it has become the world’s largest office solutions chain, employing more than 88,000 people across about 1,900 stores around the globe. Now contributing to annual sales of approximately $25 billion is the company’s MPS offering, Staples Technology Solutions Managed Print Services, launched April 25 of last year.  

by Scott Cullen

The sign of the times in the office technology dealer world is diversification. Besides the traditional hardware they’ve always sold, solutions and services remain at the top of most dealers’ diversification lists. Now some manufacturers — Toshiba, for one — are branching out into digital signage, creating more opportunities its traditional office technology dealers can diversify into.

by Jake Fishman, gap Intelligence

I may be young compared to many of my peers in the office imaging analyst community, but my approach to the channels and technologies that I track can be pretty old school. Even as a growing share of my analysis shifts to services and solutions, I’m still drawn to the tangibility of speeds, feeds and CPCs. I remain fascinated by how they play into the sales strategies that have evolved from decades of reps hustling to close a deal or flip a box.

by Robert Palmer

As the imaging market continues to migrate to a services-led model, there are noticeable changes occurring in all facets of the business. Products themselves are evolving from feature-driven output devices to application-driven platforms designed more for information management than simply printing pages. As a result, equipment manufacturers have revised their approach to the market by rationalizing product lines to limit overlap and address more customers with fewer models.