Innovation Takes Center Stage at CES 2018
The Imaging Channel

CES 2018 wrapped after dazzling the world with a glimpse into the future. More than 3,900 exhibitors showcased world-changing technologies that spanned more than 2.75 million net square feet of exhibit space across Las Vegas – the largest show floor...

Spectre Rising
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames   James Bond would not be pleased. Last week, reports confirmed rumors that vulnerabilities in processors manufactured by Intel, AMD and ARM indeed existed. Somehow, the vulnerability has gone undiscovered for over two decades (at...

Of Blockchain, IoT and Scan-Once-Print-Many
Greg Walters

by Greg Walters   What does "scan once, print many" mean?  Anyone?  Bueller... ? Back in the good old days of analog copiers, pagers and dinosaurs, the scanner on copiers needed to take a “picture” for every copy made: When 10 copies were requested,...