PA 2018 120by Patricia Ames

In March, Chin Yoon, VP Strategic Marketing at Samsung Electronics, took the stage at Samsung’s National Dealer Meeting. Yoon covered a lot of ground in his 25-minute long address, talking about everything from Android and millennials (and how they’re taking over) to the past, present, and future of the Smart UX platform. And at the end of his presentation, you couldn’t help but feel optimistic about the future of the platform.  

Michael Amiriby Michael Amiri

Today, many office equipment dealers (OEDs) are standing at a crossroads. Print activity is declining and pricing is under severe competitive pressures. Like it or not, these current trends and ever-evolving technology are compelling reasons why OEDs are seeking additional revenue-generating opportunities in order to ensure continued growth. For many, managed IT services has been embraced as one of the key strategies to achieve that growth.

Brad Roderick 2018 120by Brad Roderick

Not so many months ago, a young squirrel narrowly missed being hit by a car as he darted across the street. For some reason, this narrow miss was different than all the others. The squirrel scampered over to the shade of an old oak tree and laid down, thinking about the events of moments before. He silently wondered why he hadn’t really thought about all the close calls over his short few years. Maybe it was his new family, maybe he was maturing, maybe he was suddenly being enlightened by some higher power. Shaking his head, he realized he had no idea (he’s a squirrel, after all) and went back to darting higher and yonder, searching for whatever a squirrel searches for and running from anything squirrels run from — which is just about everything.

Lance Elickerby Lance Elicker

Whether you are a sales rep, sales manager or the owner of a “solutions” company, you have heard the industry statistics around how printing is declining. The industry experts are saying you should diversify to continue to run a profitable organization as well as acquire and, more importantly, keep customers. These options are vast: Managed IT, MPS, ECM, capture, conversion services, website/SEO/internet services — I could go on and on. The philosophy makes sense. You’ve got a bunch of customers that are paying you money already, you’ve got great relationships with them, so of course they would buy this other stuff, right? Ehh … kinda?

EricStavola Picby Eric Stavola

At the very core of the digital transformation is that IT is now being looked at as a strategic asset and not a cost center. IT services are now being discussed as a critical component of business processes that build revenue and create competitive advantages.

PA 2018 120by Patricia Ames

In Arizona at the end of March, Samsung Printer Group held what may be their last national dealer meeting. Despite what could be described as a “fluid situation,” both Samsung and HP executives did a noteworthy job of outlining as much detail as possible about the impending transition while also maintaining an air of transparency — no small task given the large undertaking now in full swing and the level of anxiety of some of the dealers in the room.

Christine Erna Novitexby Christine Erna

A focus on customer experience – the type of interactions that occur between an enterprise and their customers – has come to the forefront of business management best-practices in 2017. For good reason too, because customer satisfaction determines, to a substantial degree, whether or not an enterprise will retain and grow its customer base, or slowly lose them over time. Customer experience is one main tenet that sets similar enterprises apart from one another.

Amy 2018 120by Amy Weiss

If it’s true that enthusiasm is contagious, then we were all infected at this week’s Xerox launch event in New York. Billed as the largest product launch in its 110-year history, Xerox launched 29 new A3 and A4 devices — and yet, the hardware is not entirely the point of this launch. It was more about user experience, connectivity and a new way to look at the future of work.

Sheryne Glicksmanby Sheryne Glicksman

In December’s blog, Process Automation for 2017 and Beyond, I referenced questions that you could ask yourself that will help jump start next steps to automate your sales process. Today’s blog is about one of them: Prospecting with a purpose!

Amy 2018 120by Amy Weiss

Epson celebrated the first day of spring with another big move in the office inkjet space: the release of two new devices, the WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590 A3 multifunction printer and the WorkForce Pro WF-C869R A3 multifunction printer.