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EricStavola Picby Eric Stavola   

Most businesses today just can’t keep up with the way information is created and technology utilized. Simply put, traditional workplace models can’t keep up with the way businesses work today.

Patricia Ames2016sqby Patricia Ames   

Andrew Copley is president of Graphic Communications Solutions at Xerox Technology, and an expert in graphic communications, in-plant and production print environments. With more than years in the graphic communications industry, he started his career in the UK as a field sales representative and progressed through sales management, marketing leadership, strategic planning and operations positions into senior general management roles. Today he is responsible for the worldwide strategy, operations, product development, marketing, sales and support of the Xerox High-End Technology portfolio.

Amy 2018 120by Amy Weiss

At Sharp’s National Dealer Meeting in Phoenix last week there were a couple of recurring themes. One, which will come as no surprise, was Foxconn, and its infusion of cash into the formerly troubled Sharp. The other was water. That, on the surface, is a little bit odder, but we’ll get into it shortly. The two-plus day event hosted more than 900 attendees including 605 dealer participants — a 5.2 percent increase over the previous event and just the beginning of some improved numbers we saw from Sharp.

Christoph Schell 120by Christoph Schell

The use of IoT technology will only continue to grow, with some forecasts predicting that the number of IoT connections will balloon from 6 billion in 2015 to nearly 27 billion by 2025.

Steve Lukeby Steve Luke

We are exposed to forms and documents almost every day of our life, and to many of us they all look the same. Most of us think a form is a form or a document is a document. But the facts tell a different story. Judging a form software solution at a glance can be a huge mistake. It’s like judging a book by its cover or seeing someone on the street and making assumptions that they are rich or poor, very intelligent or friendly. Everyone knows you must get to know them before you learn the truth about them. Are they nice? Are they friendly? Are they powerful?

PA 2018 120by Patricia Ames

We are a year removed from HP’s announcement of Smart Device Services (SDS). The technology combines device-embedded sensors and cloud-based tools to optimize the way you monitor, manage and diagnose service needs across your entire fleet of HP devices. In its first iteration, SDS offered automated supplies management, on-demand training for techs in the field, and remote remediation tools. It also enabled service providers to diagnose problems remotely before dispatching a tech and locate missing devices to ensure accurate billing.

by Greg and Debra Buschman

There is a misconception that millennials are oversensitive, lazy and uncommitted. Instead, I will show how they are passionate, hard workers and are dedicated to social causes. A 2007 titled “Generational Differences in Leader Values and Leadership Behaviors” set out to separate the myth from reality and how the generational differences affect the workplace. The study showed that millennials make learning a priority and find happiness in their families.1 While millennials may not be as independent as GenXers, they are full of confidence and sensitive.2 Leuenberger and Klüver found that the younger generations desire more frequent feedback than what is provided in annual evaluations. Executive leaders through mentoring managers should select senior employees who are trained to provide the desired feedback.3

PA 2018 120by Patricia Ames  

In September, I was honored to host an OEM panel at the Select Dealer Group meeting in Chicago. I was joined by Kevin Kern, senior vice president, Business Intelligence Services and Product Planning at Konica Minolta; Mimi Evenson, national channel manager, MPS and solutions specialist and IPG technical consultant at HP Inc.; Jim Morrissey, vice president of Sales Document Technology Partners at Xerox; and Jim Coriddi, vice president, Dealer Division at Ricoh. For nearly two hours, we covered a lot of ground, from growth and strategy to mobility and security. But just because only a few got to see the event live doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to hear about it, too. So allow me to share some highlights of my panel at the SDG meeting.    

Jannes du Plooyby Jannes du Plooy

Just because you sell it does not mean it is not extinct! About five years ago, I was helping my then-teenage son search through websites of cable wakeboard parks in the United Kingdom. Interesting was that two of the parks had the following next to “fax” on their contact information:

It was a double-gala week at the beginning of November in New Jersey. BPO Media was pleased to sponsor two tables at the Jillian Fund Gala, held Nov. 1 at the Venetian in Garfield, N.J., supporting the Jillian Fund. The next night was the Cannata Report’s 32nd Annual Awards & Charities Dinner, benefiting Hackensack University Medical Center’s John Theurer Cancer Center. Enjoy a few highlights of the evenings in pictures.