Robert Palmerby Robert Palmer | 6/18/14

On June 16, OKI Data Americas announced the availability of its latest color MFPs, the ES9465 and ES9475. Developed in partnership with Toshiba TEC, the new models consist of a Toshiba A3-size copier-based engine utilizing an OKI LED print head. Part of the OKI Executive Series, the ES9465 and ES9475 are available exclusively through the office equipment dealer channel. 

by Brad Roderick | 6/12/14

This is it, the final stretch. The last of three installments focused on the one thing that you absolutely must be able to do if you are to succeed in any endeavor: Get Other People To Do The Things You Need Them To Do.

by Steven Branstetter | 6/3/14

First interviews are always very interesting, both from a company and the candidate’s perspective. Both parties are not only trying to make a great first impression, but they are also feeling out a new opportunity. As a company, how do you handle this difficult situation and maintain control of the interview?

by Jim Lyons | 6/1/14

Would my next print job on an AirPrint MFP go best with a Cabernet or Merlot? 
Is an Android-enabled printer available somewhere near my bus route? 
Based on recent research, these could be the kinds of questions smartphone users are asking themselves, at least if we can put a few data points together.

by Kim Beswick | 5/19/14

Imagine the thrill of heart-thumping roller-coaster ride and compare it to the agony of a slow traffic jam. Connect for a few moments with the thrill, the adrenaline rush of “fasssst” vs. the red-faced frustration of things that are “slowwww.” The fact is, speed (or the lack of it) drives an incredible range of emotions and human chemical brain reactions. It makes our lives thrilling or frustrating and promises to ease the simplest of life/work tasks or thwart our best laid plans.

by Jim Lyons | 5/1/14

Some recent visions of our industry have seen printers, scanners and MFPs as powerful central hubs in a cloud-based future. But what of a somewhat more humble but potentially more pervasive role? Lately, I have been asking, even advocating, a position more along the lines of "printers as things," as in part of the "Internet of things" (IOT).

Robert Palmerby Robert Palmer | 5/1/14

Lexmark’s Q1 earnings announced on April 22 produced somewhat of a mixed market reaction. On a non-GAAP basis, revenues of $881 million exceeded Lexmark’s own guidance but represented a decline of about 1 percent compared with revenues of $886 in the year-ago quarter. Lexmark attributed the decline to its ongoing exit from the inkjet business and a decrease in hardware and supplies revenues. Net income of $58.3 million was down compared with $62 million in the year-ago quarter. 

peter daveyby Peter Davey | 4/29/14

Although most managers would certainly frown upon employees updating their social media status from 9 to 5, the likelihood of this happening in your office is probably pretty high. 

by Brad Roderick

This is the second in a three-part series on how to help other people obtain their needs and achieve their goals by influencing how they think and the actions they take (aka, “How to get people to do stuff”). In the last installment we listed four general ways to get others to do the things that we need them to do. 

by Jim Lyons

On March 24, 2014, HP announced two new products, the HPOfficejet Enterprise Color MFP X585 and HP Officejet Enterprise Color X555. Powered by HP PageWide technology and following the success of the earlier PageWide-based product, last year’s Officejet Pro X, big things are expected from these enterprise-grade models, judging by my preview at an HP Industry Analyst event in March.