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Science of Printing Lab Tour Demonstrates HP’s Commitment to Inkjet Technology

by | 07/17/2014

by Robert Palmer | 7/19/14

I recently had the good fortune to visit HP’s inkjet labs located in Corvallis, Ore., and Vancouver, Wash., for a two-day event billed as “The Science of Printing.” The event, which took place June 26-27, offered a unique glimpse into the inner workings of HP’s engineering processes and R&D facilities.  A select group of approximately 25 industry analysts and press representatives were invited to attend the briefing, which included a whirlwind tour of various engineering facilities spanning both sites and multiple campuses.


Konica Minolta: Racing to Win

Patricia Amesby Patricia Ames | 7/17/14

Fast and furious pretty much describes the pace of both organic growth and acquisition happening at Konica Minolta. In an industry where the word “growth” is heard less and less frequently, Konica Minolta’s Blueprint for the Future event was a refreshing change. 

What is Konica Minolta doing right? Apparently a lot. With global growth last year at 55 percent in MPS and 41 percent in enterprise accounts, this blue giant in the office space is blazing all kinds of trails.


Your Beliefs May Be Holding You Back

by Brad Roderick | 7/15/14

My friend Rod is a professional salesperson. He tends to lead in all of the activity metrics but consistently lags in what matters the most: revenue dollars. We meet every now and then to talk about his “new” plan and reassess his selling skills. Rod appears to have everything that it takes to be successful. He certainly has experience and skill. He knows his products, his company and his market well. And for a long time I could never quite put my finger on why he kept missing the mark.


OKI Looks to Continue Success in BTA Channel With New A3-Size, LED-based Color MFPs

by | 06/19/2014

Robert Palmerby Robert Palmer | 6/18/14

On June 16, OKI Data Americas announced the availability of its latest color MFPs, the ES9465 and ES9475. Developed in partnership with Toshiba TEC, the new models consist of a Toshiba A3-size copier-based engine utilizing an OKI LED print head. Part of the OKI Executive Series, the ES9465 and ES9475 are available exclusively through the office equipment dealer channel. 


Leading Others to Action — Part 3

by Brad Roderick | 6/12/14

This is it, the final stretch. The last of three installments focused on the one thing that you absolutely must be able to do if you are to succeed in any endeavor: Get Other People To Do The Things You Need Them To Do.


Creating a Selling Versus Screening Interview Process

by Steven Branstetter | 6/3/14

First interviews are always very interesting, both from a company and the candidate’s perspective. Both parties are not only trying to make a great first impression, but they are also feeling out a new opportunity. As a company, how do you handle this difficult situation and maintain control of the interview?


Speed: An Experience, Not A Spec

by | 05/19/2014

by Kim Beswick | 5/19/14

Imagine the thrill of heart-thumping roller-coaster ride and compare it to the agony of a slow traffic jam. Connect for a few moments with the thrill, the adrenaline rush of “fasssst” vs. the red-faced frustration of things that are “slowwww.” The fact is, speed (or the lack of it) drives an incredible range of emotions and human chemical brain reactions. It makes our lives thrilling or frustrating and promises to ease the simplest of life/work tasks or thwart our best laid plans.


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Lexmark Q1 Results: Software and Services Remain Strong Despite Other Challenges

by | 05/01/2014

Robert Palmerby Robert Palmer | 5/1/14

Lexmark’s Q1 earnings announced on April 22 produced somewhat of a mixed market reaction. On a non-GAAP basis, revenues of $881 million exceeded Lexmark’s own guidance but represented a decline of about 1 percent compared with revenues of $886 in the year-ago quarter. Lexmark attributed the decline to its ongoing exit from the inkjet business and a decrease in hardware and supplies revenues. Net income of $58.3 million was down compared with $62 million in the year-ago quarter. 




The Importance of Social Media Policy

by | 04/29/2014

peter daveyby Peter Davey | 4/29/14

Although most managers would certainly frown upon employees updating their social media status from 9 to 5, the likelihood of this happening in your office is probably pretty high. 


Leading Others to Action – Part 2

by | 04/18/2014

by Brad Roderick

This is the second in a three-part series on how to help other people obtain their needs and achieve their goals by influencing how they think and the actions they take (aka, “How to get people to do stuff”). In the last installment we listed four general ways to get others to do the things that we need them to do. 


A Quick Look Back at HP’s 2014 Industry Analyst Summit

by | 03/20/2014

byRobert Palmer

HP’s 2014 Industry Analyst Summit, held March 4–6 in Boston, was a showcase event attended by more than 300 analysts from around the world. Although filled with as much industry jargon and marketing speak as one would want to hear in a three-day period, HP managed to connect the dots between its broad portfolio of products and services and its strategy around the converged IT infrastructure, which has become front and center for HP over the past few years.


Leading Others to Action – Part 1

by | 03/10/2014

by Brad Roderick

This is the first in a three-part series on how to help other people obtain their needs and achieve their goals by influencing how they think and the actions they take. I spent quite a bit of time carefully crafting the previous sentence. I did this because when we start diving into how to “get other people to do things” we can use the knowledge for purposes ranging from entirely altruistic to altogether evil. Hitler knew how to get people to take action, as did Dr. King. It is not the tool that defines good and evil, but the intent, purpose and application of the tool. So let’s use this stuff for good.


The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

by | 03/06/2014

The title of this blog is a commonly misquoted quote attributed to Mark Twain. When I went to research the exact quote and context I discovered that Twain actually wrote a variation of this in several letters after hearing that a newspaper had mistakenly reported his demise. “The report of my death was an exaggeration,” seems to be the most accurate version of the quote, which has since become one of the most famous in the English language. It’s strangely appropriate for any number of occasions and uses.


MPS Is Crucial to the Delivery of Workflow Software

by | 02/25/2014

This guest blog was contributed by Michael Rich

If you have followed this blog closely over the past year, you likely noticed a recurring theme: MPS providers should look beyond print reduction in order to create a more profitable and sustainable MPS business. The interesting point to consider is that MPS is just as critical to helping businesses drive workflow changes.


Musings on Mobility

by | 02/25/2014

This guest blog was contributed by Scott Cullen

I've been doing a lot of traveling the past two weeks to various dealer meetings (Sharp, Toshiba, Konica Minolta), and one of the prevailing trends that is impacting the latest offerings from not only these companies, but virtually everyone else in the industry as well, is mobility. Everybody is talking about it and addressing it in one way or another.


We Don’t Need No MPS Education!

by | 02/25/2014

This guest blog was contributed by Sarah Henderson

My mind replayed a classic Pink Floyd song recently when a dealer sales manager informed me pretty bluntly that he knows everything there is to know about MPS and that nothing new is being said or published that is of interest to him.


Would You Do It All Over Again?

by | 02/22/2014

This guest blog was contributed by Scott Cullen | 9/13/13

If you were starting your career today, would you consider a position in the imaging industry? I ask that because there’s a school of thought these days that it’s a dying industry, so why would anyone in their right mind become a part of it? The good old days are well behind us, and winter, to use a “Game of Thrones” phrase, is coming. Hardware sales and printed output are trending downward, and software solutions and services are the wave of the future. And making money off of solutions and services is something plenty of old-school imaging technology dealers are still trying to figure out how to do.