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Stop Selling Features and Benefits

Kevin Guy

by Kevin Guy | 03/06/2017

People buy emotionally but justify their decisions intellectually. Do you believe too much information shared too early can end a call prematurely?  Salespeople and other professionals take many approaches to demonstrating their expertise while attempting to build trust with their clients. What is the right approach for you?


Three Beliefs That Determine Your Success

Brad Roderick

by Brad Roderick | 02/23/2017

The year 2017 is in full swing and already 13 percent of it is gone! In December, we looked at a simple way to Jump Start 2017, as well as three primary roadblocks (false beliefs, chosen ignorance and irrational comfort) that can keep us from achieving the goals we desire. Now that we are nearly two months into the new year, let’s dive a little more deeply into a topic that can have the greatest impact on your road to success; your beliefs and your personal philosophy.


Sales and Marketing Best Practices: Q&A With Lauren Ford, Square 9

Lauren Ford

by Lauren Ford | 02/16/2017

Editor's Note: We chatted with several industry experts in the field of sales and marketing for the February issue of The Imaging Channel, "Best Practices in Sales & Marketing." Lauren Ford, marketing communications manager at Square 9 Softworks is our online exclusive.


The Post-Transactional Era: Dealers Need Partners, Not Vendors

Luke Goldberg

by Luke Goldberg | 01/30/2017

The days of selling boxes are slowly fading. In response to a shifting marketplace, dealers are abandoning their transactional-based models for a solutions-based alternative. Many independent dealers are venturing beyond MPS into selling, managing, and in some cases hosting, enterprise content management (ECM), business process automation (BPA) and security solutions, just to name a few, plus offering a slew of other services to survive in a commoditized market.


Making the Most of White Space

Kevin Craine

by Kevin Craine | 01/17/2017

Companies spend millions of dollars to send millions of customer statements each and every month. While the stats and numbers can vary, let’s assume that it costs your company approximately one dollar to print a simple, one-page statement. Then add to that the cost of an envelope and the postage; another dollar or so, give or take. Now multiply that $2 by the number of mail pieces that go out the door each month and my guess is that your company now has invested a significant amount of money into this routine customer communications process.  So the question becomes: is that investment simply a lost cost, or are you wasting an important opportunity to build revenue instead?


MFPs? There’s an App for That

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 01/10/2017

You can play video games on your MFP. OK, it’s not a standard feature, but with a little ingenuity, it can be (and has been) done. So if that's possible, just imagine what else they can do.


Xerox Healthcare MFP Helps Small Providers Go Digital and Compliant

Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss | 01/06/2017

Spend any amount of time in a healthcare setting — a hospital, doctor’s office, surgical center or rehab facility, for example — and you’ll quickly realize a few things: medicine has come a long way, hospital coffee has not, and communication is absolutely vital in healthcare — something that has been both helped and hindered by technology and the need for security.


Three Steps to Making Print Security Part of the Conversation With Clients

Henning Volkmer

by Henning Volkmer | 01/03/2017

With cyber attacks on the rise, customers are often more interested in talking about comprehensive security than printing. To meet this challenge, you need to get your audience’s attention and learn how to shift the conversation to achieve your print objectives.


If You Don’t Capture Information Correctly, Why Store It?

Lance Elicker

by Lance Elicker | 12/19/2016

We have all heard the term “Garbage In, Garbage Out,” and usually nod our heads when we hear it because it applies to most applications in life. When it comes to information management, most of the emphasis is placed on the repository/workflow portion of the application or system. There is no denying these systems are vital to your business — they run your business by housing all your critical business data. But regardless of how good your back-end system is, what happens when you feed it garbage? NOTHING – and that’s the problem.


Connecting SMBs to the Cloud: Xerox Improves Dealer Tool for Scanning to Web-Based Apps

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 12/13/2016

Cloud technologies are growing in popularity — especially among the SMB crowd — for their flexibility, on-demand accessibility, and lower cost relative to their on-premises counterparts. According to The small business revolution: trends in SMB cloud adoption, a study conducted by the application marketplace developer BCGS, “new applications are continually coming to the market and technological developments are steadily improving connectivity, which means we’re likely to see business using more applications at every stage of their lifecycle.” 


Process Automation in 2017 and Beyond

Sheryne Glicksman

by Sheryne Glicksman | 12/12/2016

People, defined as internal and external customers, want processes and systems to be simple, fast and easy to use. We, as consultative people in a sales oriented environment, want to help our customers be more efficient.


Jump Start Your 2017

Brad Roderick

by Brad Roderick | 12/07/2016

Have you ever felt like you are already behind and it’s only the beginning of the year? Every January countless sales producers receive their new quota and immediately feel like they are behind. For some people, this can be almost debilitating. For others, it sparks the drive to succeed … at least for the moment. Somewhere over the next few weeks, or even days, after the initial and momentary motivation, there comes that sinking feeling. After all, if you were already fully capable of delivering the new higher number, wouldn’t you already be doing it?? Reread that question a few times. Now read it again. Then consider the popular definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


Ricoh Convergence 2016: Smart Operations, Apps, Verticals and (Very) Interactive Whiteboards

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 12/05/2016

Ricoh pulled out all the stops at their latest dealer meeting in late October in Las Vegas. Called Convergence, the event gathered a big crowd of about 1,400 guests, including yours truly. Convergence focused on the company's plan to collaborate with dealers to help mitigate the changing work environment impacted by technological disruption. Ricoh’s plan includes sharing resources and expertise with their dealers, as well as equipping them with new technology their customers need in today’s business environment. Ultimately, the company aims to help dealers take advantage and succeed in the changing document imaging environment.


Driving Business Outcomes Versus Chasing Technology

Eric Stavola

by Eric Stavola | 11/28/2016

With all the talk of businesses needing to adapt to a connected world, digital leadership roles are on the rise. I believe over the next few years that these roles will be evolving as company executives learn what is required today in order to thrive in what market research firm Gartner calls the “digital cultural revolution.”


The People Side of Security

Erich Kron

by Erich Kron | 11/16/2016

Often, information security focuses on technical solutions to combat cyber threats. While technical controls are important, it is at least as important to remember the users in the fight against cyber criminals.


Five Questions to Get Print Conversations Restarted in 2017

Henning Volkmer

by Henning Volkmer | 11/14/2016

Are your customers avoiding conversations around printing? It’s likely because they feel there are no interesting ideas to pursue that would really drive their business. A private cloud enterprise print solution is your ticket to breaking through this perception in the upcoming year.


The New Adventures of Old Xerox – Part 1

John McIntyre

by John McIntyre | 11/08/2016

In what will be the last quarterly report before the company splits, on October 28 Xerox released its third quarter earnings report and delivered more details about the pending spinoff of its business services group, to be named Conduent. The company stated that the separation work was proceeding as previously announced, and that the spinoff and creation of Conduent would be accomplished before the end of 2016 – so sometime in the next seven weeks. Considering that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are included in that end-of-year period, a lot of midnight oil will be burned by the Xerox team in pursuit of completing the task at hand.


Modern MPS: Are You Tracking Machines or Users?

Luke Goldberg

by Luke Goldberg | 11/07/2016

At one time, when print management was in its infancy, the most important considerations for an organization implementing it were “how do I collect the page counts,” “how do I account for cost per page” and “how much should I charge?” While these are still valid questions, they are not indicative of today’s mature managed print services (MPS) market, which has moved well beyond the initial value propositions of reduced costs and optimized printer fleets. Today’s MPS platform, in fact, transcends even the device itself, and is frequently concerned with user management.


Optimizing Printer Deployments for Mid-Market Businesses

Steve Feldstein

by Steve Feldstein | 11/02/2016

For decades, business professionals and societal commentators have entertained the idea of a paperless office. While it is clear that electronic processes have significantly transformed business workflows, it is also evident that most offices are still far from being paperless. Print is a time-tested way for important information to be absorbed, communicated, and organized. It continues to offer benefits around comprehension, convenience, and simplicity. As a result, businesses large and small still rely heavily on print, and often on devices with the added ability to scan, integrate with business systems and connect with cloud services.


Building a Successful Managed Print Practice Just Got Easier

Miles Jobgen

by Miles Jobgen | 10/31/2016

“Know what’s in your toolbox.” My calculus teacher was fond of this mantra. Sometimes, an equation could be simplified with a basic algebraic concept instead of a more complex formula. But if you didn’t know what “tools” you had, getting stuck for days became a very real possibility. By being aware of all of the things at your disposal, finding a solution becomes a more routine exercise.