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GregBuschmanwebby Greg Buschman and Larry Buschman   

In our modern fast-paced society, it seems that few are willing to volunteer to take a leadership position.  When asked, however, people are willing to do much as a follower.  There are many reasons for this, but as it relates to leadership, the single largest step toward being a leader is the willingness to say, “I will.” Try it the next time someone says, “I need someone to … .”

PA 2018 120by Patricia Ames  

Recently, Lexmark took their roadshow to Las Vegas, where they met with more than 40 dealers from the region. The event — one of six the company hosted across North America this year — featured networking sessions, briefings and breakout sessions, and in Vegas, the opportunity to drive a high-end racecar (Lexmark proved their wisdom by not letting us drink adult beverages until we safely returned the cars to their stalls).

KenEdmundsby Ken Edmonds   

In the last post, we discussed some of the differences between seat based billing (SBB) and managed print services (MPS). In this post, we will look at how the differences affect the profitability of service, and why SBB can be more profitable and makes it harder for the competition to undercut your pricing.

John McIntyreby John McIntyre   

Summertime at BPO Research means reviewing the highlights of the prior year’s dealer market survey and developing new questions for this year’s survey that explore major trends more deeply, or probe newly emerging issues that dealers are asking about. Looking over the 2017 survey results, a couple of revealing findings stand out as particularly interesting:

Brian Suerthby Brian Suerth, TAG  

“I got this,” Ryan reminds himself. He rehearses his value proposition, visualizes himself handling objections flawlessly and knows how badly this customer needs cybersecurity. 

Amy Weissby Amy Weiss   

It’s been a little while since we teased you with Lexmark’s big announcements from its roadshow series earlier this year, so if you want to take a moment to refresh yourself on our collection of photo highlights from the Las Vegas and Orlando events, go ahead. We’ll wait.

Patricia Amesby Patricia Ames   

As customer demand for digital production printers continues to climb, manufacturers have been in an arms race, developing machines that can help customers differentiate their offerings and achieve more with less. Today’s digital production presses are designed to be easy to maintain and even easier to use, and deliver fast, affordable, high-quality output using a wide variety of inks and substrates.

Henning Volkmer ThinPrintby Henning Volkmer   

Digital transformation is top of mind for anyone wanting to stay relevant and competitive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. The ability to change and adapt is a trend that is here to stay, and it’s changing almost everything around the office, including the office itself. This is especially significant for office equipment dealers (OED) dedicated to maintaining their relevance and growing their business.

Patricia Amesby Patricia Ames

In May, I was in Orlando for Canon’s Dealer Summit. Breaking with tradition, Canon hosted top-tier dealers alongside a few select media and industry analysts. The company didn’t make any bombshell announcements, but instead briefed us on where they are headed.

by Patricia Ames and Amy Weiss 

Konica Minolta continued its string of M&A activity with a major announcement: the acquisition of MWA Intelligence. The MWA team of professionals will join All Covered, the IT Services division of Konica Minolta.