by Doug Johnson | 2/9/16

In this final installment of my three-part series, I’ll cover the “second fork in the road”—the outsourced services business model.  In the last blog, I discussed the first fork in the Yogiism “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”—transactional selling.  Ubiquitous access to data and information has created near perfect knowledge in the market, accelerating the commoditization of transactional selling in our market, and businesses at each step of the value chain must align their assets and competencies to the realities of commodity selling in a flat or declining imaging and printing market.

by Amy Weiss | 2/4/16

On February 2, Canon U.S.A. announced the release of the latest version of its output management, device management and smart scanning solution, uniFLOW V5.4. The new version of Canon’s software offers one integrated platform for print, scan and device management, improved scanning and mobile printing, and enhanced office printing.

by Kevin Craine | 2/2/16

Marketing and IT professionals in all industries face a number of challenges with cross-channel marketing, the first of which is integrating customer data.  While organizations often have a wealth of data at their fingertips, studies find that many struggle to leverage that information effectively across multiple marketing channels. This lack of integration can erode organizational performance as the competitive landscape continues to evolve. Customers expect an increasingly seamless and transparent experience while the number of channels for discovery and evaluation of new products and services continue to increase.

by Martin de Martini | 1/29/16

The year 2016 is here, so naturally it is time to make some predictions about what this year will hold in store for the print and document capture industry.

by Amy Weiss | 1/29/16

On January 29, 2016, Xerox announced its fourth quarter earnings as well as its plans for separating into two independent, publicly traded companies. Needless to say the latter, which was leaked by the Wall Street Journal the night before the official announcement, somewhat eclipsed the former.

by Jim Lyons | 1/28/16

During mid-January this year, my attention was captured by a Quartz article titled “Amazon is selling gadgets that can order their own refills.” The story, published the same day as Amazon’s official announcement, features a use case based on a printer owner running out of ink at 3 a.m. when a desperate need arises to print a single page from the printer. This situation could have been avoided had the hapless user had a Brother printer registered in the Amazon Dash Replenishment program, as the printer would have preemptively taken on the job of ordering supplies soon to be in need of replacement, leading to a happy ending with that much-needed page pleasingly printed.

by Amy Weiss | 1/27/16

On January 20, Brother International released a series of monochrome laser printers and all-in-ones for office, workgroup, and higher-volume print environments. The launch, which is a refresh of the firm’s laser product line, is said by Brother to be the largest and most in-depth in the company’s history.

by Aaron Dyck | 1/26/16

Nearly one in eight jobs in the U.S. are full-time sales positions, but according to a study conducted by Caliper Corporation, more than 55 percent of salespeople lack the necessary skills to be successful. Providing proper training to your sales team can help boost effectiveness as well as productivity, making it possible for you to outsell your competitors. 

by Ericka Gordon | 1/22/16

I can see why Baby Boomers and Gen Xers wouldn’t be interested in getting to know their millennial co-workers (and vice versa). What could we possibly have in common, right? We millennials spent our weekend out on the town at concerts and trendy bars while you spent yours in a gymnasium or on a field watching your son/daughter’s sports team. But how we spent our weekends is the very least of what we have to offer each other. Once we get past the “How was your weekend?” small talk there’s an opportunity to learn some personality traits about each other that could be really beneficial to the business.

by Amy Weiss | 1/20/16

On January 15, Muratec America announced its entry into the label printer market with a series of digital presses designed for short-run, high-definition color labels. The Precision Label Series (PLS) consists of the PLS-2112 digital press and PLC-2112F digital finishing system, and the PLS-5150 digital press and PLS-5150F digital finishing system.