Ericka Gordonsqby Ericka Gordon

Millennial managers are still dropping knowledge. Last month we talked about how to keep your millennial employees motivated. This time around we’re covering tips and tricks for the management process overall.

John McIntyresqby John McIntyre

On June 21, HP Inc., in what the company billed as an “Update [to] Its Printing Sales Model,” announced that it was taking a charge of $225M in both Q3 and Q4 of this year – about $450M in total – that reflects a move to reduce channel inventory of printer supplies; essentially the company is taking back/buying back almost one-half billion dollars in supplies from its channel partners. In Q2, the company reported $3,099B in supplies sales, continuing a declining sales trajectory that has been quite evident:

sarahcuster2016 sqby Sarah Custer

“Predictive Analytics” is a very popular buzzword right now. Many are talking about it as the next big thing for their businesses, and some in MPS are hoping it will be a silver bullet for automated supplies replenishment. I was recently preparing for a presentation about supplies management and predictive analytics and realized, like many things in our industry, there are varying definitions and opinions on the exact meaning.

EricStavola Picby Eric Stavola

Ever do as I do and Google nonsense late into the night? Recently I was late-night Googling and came across an article that stated Fortune magazine released its first list of top 500 companies in 1955, and of that list of 500 companies only 61 are still in business today. That’s a relevance rate of only 12 percent. Please don’t check my math, just go with it, but the key here is relevance — 439 companies stopped being relevant. This concept of relevance and our industry keeps coming to mind.

PA 2018 120by Patricia Ames

Lexmark unveiled a slew of new equipment at their recent dealer event in Ft. Lauderdale , FL and showcased an impressive array of workflow solutions from their Kofax and Readsoft brands. If you’d like to read more about solutions, Senior Analyst Amy Weiss does an excellent job of covering Lexmark’s flagship TotalAgility refresh in Workflow here, and if you haven’t read my interview with former Kofax CEO and current VP of Lexmark International and President of Lexmark Enterprise Software Reynolds Bish, take a look – he’s at the forefront of their digital transformation efforts.

John McIntyresqby John McIntyre

In HP’s recent Q2 earnings conference call, President and CEO Dion Weisler commented on “the work we are doing around marketing to stimulate printing demand. We are shifting our marketing efforts from marketing printers to marketing printing.”

Luke Goldberg websqby Luke Goldberg

Stop me if you’ve heard this before — our product is becoming commoditized. We need to find a new way to sell; a way to package our goods and services to create value and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Marc Winter webby Marc Winter

Cyber security has become a big deal for small business – and it’s becoming an important initiative. The managed customers signed to MSP contracts today and in the last 12 months will uncover data breaches that they assumed you were protecting them from. If there has ever been a time in the IT business to be proactive about a service, that time is now.

Ericka Gordonsqby Ericka Gordon

A manager’s job is to train the next generation. They want us to know how to sit, shake, stand and even roll over. As young millennials we’re sort of like puppies. We’re still trying to figure out how to adult and unfortunately we put up a lot of resistance along the way. I asked a handful of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers how they manage to keep their millennial employees motivated throughout this training process and got some valuable feedback. I’ll start things off with this great quote from a woman I spoke with.

Amy 2018 120by Amy Weiss

Here’s a fact: You’re not going to attend a dealer meeting and hear doom and gloom, negative stories and “we are not launching any new products this year.” Dealer meetings are, by nature, positive, exciting, and full of new ideas and product launches that will pump up the dealers and create enthusiasm over the year to come.