Amy 2018 120by Amy Weiss

I felt it would be clichéd to use the term “Rocky Mountain High” in my recap of the Konica Minolta 2016 dealer event held in Aspen, and so I almost didn’t do it. But every time I sat down to write, it was there in my head – and in my defense I used “New York Groove” as my theme for coverage of the firm’s 2014 New York analyst meeting, so let’s just say that rather than being clichéd, I’m honoring a personal tradition here.

John McIntyresqby John McIntyre

If you are a printer company and make money when users print and consume your ink and toner, it behooves you to:

brandon grosssqby Brandon Gross

I still vividly remember my first week in this industry, starting out at a copier dealer in Los Angeles as an account manager (snazzy term for entry level sales rep). On my desk was a computer, notepad, pen, highlighter and a 50+ page list of businesses that included ZERO current customers. My sales manager explained that once I completed a series of online training classes about MFPs, I was to begin calling the list of businesses and setting appointments. I was zealous and ready to start dialing for dollars, to prove myself and kick off my new career with a bang. Little did I know the road ahead was long and paved with challenges college hadn’t prepared me for.

Luke Goldberg websqby Luke Goldberg

If you have been in the imaging industry for any length of time or follow it as closely as I do, you know that on any given day a Google search will yield a vast number of articles predicting the death of printing. However, the fact that this has been true for several years now leads to the question: is print really dying?

John McIntyresqby John McIntyre

For those who have watched HP Inc.’s performance for a while, especially since last year’s separation from what became the Hewlett Packard Enterprise entity, not many would expect the firm’s low-margin PC operation to be its shining light in a quarterly report during a period when the overall PC market continues to be mired in the doldrums – but go figure.

EricStavola Picby Eric Stavola

In my daily conversations with business owners and decision makers, I am amazed at how in touch most of them are with their key initiatives for their business. Just ask them what their key initiatives are, and they will go on and on listing their goals and objectives for the fiscal year. What is very interesting, though, is that when I ask a follow-up question about what interferences will hold them back from hitting those initiatives, most of these key leaders struggle with the answer.

Ericka Gordonsqby Ericka Gordon

There’s nothing better than having a company court you in an effort to bring you on to their team. Welcome to the land of FREE.99, price on everything: FREE!

Ken Bechard Novitexby Ken Bechard

Quality document processing is not as simple as pushing the print or scan button or fixating on ensuring that each project meets production standards. This narrow focus can have the reverse impact on quality, leading organizations to miss the mark. What elements are key for delivering quality? Here are three strategic steps you can take to put your organization on the right path.

Amy 2018 120by Amy Weiss

Canon U.S.A. recently invited industry analysts to a two-day event at its Melville, New York, headquarters to preview its vision for the future, its current offerings, and its new company structure. The same week, the firm issued a slew of new announcements that it had previewed with analysts in a briefing in late June.

Christina Robbinsby Christina Robbins

Sometimes imaging resellers only think about selling hardware, but a simple shift in thinking helps to increase the size of each sale leading to business growth. Rather than simply considering which scanner a customer needs, think about the larger challenge they’re trying to solve. Frequently, you’ll find that pairing enterprise content management (ECM) with your scanning services is a simple, effective upsell that adds value for your customer. Best of all, technology innovations are making it easier than ever to start selling these solutions.