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Fear and Opportunity: The Two Wolves of Sales

Brad Roderick

by Brad Roderick | 08/14/2017

There is a fable that goes something like this: An old Cherokee told his grandson, “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.” The boy thought about it, and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.”


Exploring the New Buyer Journey

Michael Amiri

by Michael Amiri | 08/07/2017

Over the last few decades, the selling process for services has changed dramatically. No longer are services the add-on to a hardware sale, and no longer are they the break-fix style warranty plans either. The world has moved on from those paradigms — including the office equipment (OE) space.


What is Inbound Marketing and How Can It Help You Close More Business?

Aaron Dyck

by Aaron Dyck | 07/24/2017

The sales game has changed and the buying process is vastly different than it was even a decade ago. For this reason, today’s dealers need to find new ways to create opportunities and find leads that can breathe new life into business. One way to achieve this is through inbound marketing — sharing content that drives potential customers to your website. As opposed to traditional outbound marketing techniques, like cold-calling or direct mail, inbound draws interested prospects to your business and, if done right, keeps them coming back for more.


Moving Toward End-to-End CCM Solutions: Creating a Seamless Customer Experience with Communications is More Crucial Than Ever

Ken Bechard

by Ken Bechard | 07/10/2017

For a long time, when considering customer communications, the enterprise was calling the shots. But whether it was the impeccable customer service of giant companies like Amazon, or a more general democratization of information, consumers are more in the driver’s seat than ever before, shaping the increased demand for impeccable customer experience. If customers are unsatisfied with the service they’re receiving, it’s never been easier to check online for an alternate provider. 


BTA Events Are Fun. Seriously

Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss | 06/27/2017

Have you ever spoken the words “BTA meeting,” and “I laughed so hard I cried” in the same sentence? If you think I’m crazy for even asking that question, you probably weren’t at the BTA Spring Break event in Orlando earlier this year.


Sales Lessons From a Sasquatch Hunter

Brad Roderick

by Brad Roderick | 06/19/2017

Sasquatches are, of course, real. Or they aren’t. Whether they are fact or fiction is of very little consequence to those of us who hunt for revenue each day. And yet, the study of “Bigfoot Believers” does provide insights and lessons on how to increase sales.


Five Things Office Equipment Dealerships Need to Adapt for Growth

Michael Amiri

by Michael Amiri | 06/06/2017

For many office equipment dealers (OEDs) today, traditional lines of business involving hardware, toner, and paper are being augmented with managed IT and network services. The office equipment space is changing at lightning speed, and this change is constant. Over the past several years, office equipment has become part of a much larger and more complex network environment. So, what are some things your business needs to keep up and keep improving?


Q&A With Jan De Kesel

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 05/17/2017

Jan De Kesel is managing director at eesyQ, a free mobile service portal and collaboration tool that provides a centralized ticket-communication between end users and suppliers. eesyQ is designed to change the way companies communicate and how service providers manage their service and support process. De Kesel holds several industry patents, and is an expert in office printing, imaging, and cloud- and mobile-based solutions. Since eesyQ centralizes assets and supplier management communication in a single mobile app, I wanted to get the story on how the tool can be used to facilitate service call resolution.


Debunking the Myths: Third-Party Tests Prove ‘Quality’ and ‘Remanufactured’ are Not Mutually Exclusive

Luke Goldberg

by Luke Goldberg | 05/15/2017

Ever since the first toner cartridge was remanufactured back in the 1980s, OEMs have been disparaging the quality of aftermarket cartridges. And while in those early days they were probably right to do so, times have changed and today’s remanufactured cartridges — some of them anyway — can be a quality alternative to the OEM.


The Case for Making Managed IT Services a Core Line of Business

Michael Amiri

by Michael Amiri | 05/05/2017

Today, many office equipment dealers (OEDs) are standing at a crossroads. Print activity is declining and pricing is under severe competitive pressures. Like it or not, these current trends and ever-evolving technology are compelling reasons why OEDs are seeking additional revenue-generating opportunities in order to ensure continued growth. For many, managed IT services has been embraced as one of the key strategies to achieve that growth.


Squirrels and Lions

Brad Roderick

by Brad Roderick | 04/27/2017

Not so many months ago, a young squirrel narrowly missed being hit by a car as he darted across the street. For some reason, this narrow miss was different than all the others. The squirrel scampered over to the shade of an old oak tree and laid down, thinking about the events of moments before. He silently wondered why he hadn’t really thought about all the close calls over his short few years. Maybe it was his new family, maybe he was maturing, maybe he was suddenly being enlightened by some higher power. Shaking his head, he realized he had no idea (he’s a squirrel, after all) and went back to darting higher and yonder, searching for whatever a squirrel searches for and running from anything squirrels run from — which is just about everything.


Why Are We Struggling With Selling Solutions?

Lance Elicker

by Lance Elicker | 04/24/2017

Whether you are a sales rep, sales manager or the owner of a “solutions” company, you have heard the industry statistics around how printing is declining. The industry experts are saying you should diversify to continue to run a profitable organization as well as acquire and, more importantly, keep customers. These options are vast: Managed IT, MPS, ECM, capture, conversion services, website/SEO/internet services — I could go on and on. The philosophy makes sense. You’ve got a bunch of customers that are paying you money already, you’ve got great relationships with them, so of course they would buy this other stuff, right? Ehh … kinda?


Three Keys to Help Turn IT Into a Business Conversation

Eric Stavola

by Eric Stavola | 04/12/2017

At the very core of the digital transformation is that IT is now being looked at as a strategic asset and not a cost center. IT services are now being discussed as a critical component of business processes that build revenue and create competitive advantages.


Getting Personal With Print and Mail

Christine Erna

by Christine Erna | 04/04/2017

A focus on customer experience – the type of interactions that occur between an enterprise and their customers – has come to the forefront of business management best-practices in 2017. For good reason too, because customer satisfaction determines, to a substantial degree, whether or not an enterprise will retain and grow its customer base, or slowly lose them over time. Customer experience is one main tenet that sets similar enterprises apart from one another.


Prospecting With a Purpose

Sheryne Glicksman

by Sheryne Glicksman | 03/30/2017

In December’s blog, Process Automation for 2017 and Beyond, I referenced questions that you could ask yourself that will help jump start next steps to automate your sales process. Today’s blog is about one of them: Prospecting with a purpose!


Close More Deals By Asking Three Simple Questions

Brad Roderick

by Brad Roderick | 03/14/2017

Most salespeople are well versed in the importance of asking questions. Questions help uncover opportunities. Questions help uncover objections. Asking questions helps to retain control of the and guide the discussion. Questions are not simply the power technique of top salespeople. Rudyard Kipling knew the importance of asking the right questions: “I keep six honest serving-men, (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.”


Stop Selling Features and Benefits

Kevin Guy

by Kevin Guy | 03/06/2017

People buy emotionally but justify their decisions intellectually. Do you believe too much information shared too early can end a call prematurely?  Salespeople and other professionals take many approaches to demonstrating their expertise while attempting to build trust with their clients. What is the right approach for you?


Three Beliefs That Determine Your Success

Brad Roderick

by Brad Roderick | 02/23/2017

The year 2017 is in full swing and already 13 percent of it is gone! In December, we looked at a simple way to Jump Start 2017, as well as three primary roadblocks (false beliefs, chosen ignorance and irrational comfort) that can keep us from achieving the goals we desire. Now that we are nearly two months into the new year, let’s dive a little more deeply into a topic that can have the greatest impact on your road to success; your beliefs and your personal philosophy.


Sales and Marketing Best Practices: Q&A With Lauren Ford, Square 9

Lauren Ford

by Lauren Ford | 02/16/2017

Editor's Note: We chatted with several industry experts in the field of sales and marketing for the February issue of The Imaging Channel, "Best Practices in Sales & Marketing." Lauren Ford, marketing communications manager at Square 9 Softworks is our online exclusive.


The Post-Transactional Era: Dealers Need Partners, Not Vendors

Luke Goldberg

by Luke Goldberg | 01/30/2017

The days of selling boxes are slowly fading. In response to a shifting marketplace, dealers are abandoning their transactional-based models for a solutions-based alternative. Many independent dealers are venturing beyond MPS into selling, managing, and in some cases hosting, enterprise content management (ECM), business process automation (BPA) and security solutions, just to name a few, plus offering a slew of other services to survive in a commoditized market.