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Sheryne Glicksmanby Sheryne Glicksman   

As you know, the sales process is always in motion. From identifying and qualifying new customers and opportunities to getting their interest, educating them and understanding their goals, objectives and problems; from building a pipeline to creating a value proposition, closing the sale and taking care of new and current customers while taking appropriate action items within each stage of your sales cycle­ — it is always in motion.

Amy 2018 120by Amy Weiss   

There was a time when cybersecurity was relegated to computers; when the imaging channel was more of an ancillary character in the story; collateral damage to a network breach, if you will. But of course, that has long since changed — with most MFPs/copiers being networked devices as well as the ever-increasing investment in managed IT services, cybersecurity is very much an imaging channel issue.

PA 2018 120by Patricia Ames   

Konica Minolta Business Solutions recently introduced the IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer, an automated color and image control system. With so many dealers looking for revenue streams outside of traditional office print, different areas of commercial and production print have become a hot topic, and we recently attended Print 17, where the IQ-501 system received a “Must See ‘Em” award. We wanted to learn more about this system, which integrates into the AccurioPress product line, and so we sat down with Dawn Olson, who is responsible for Konica Minolta’s U.S. production print and industrial print business development strategy.

Patricia Amesby Patricia Ames   

Power in numbers has always been a successful survival strategy for human beings. Our ancestors figured out that they could secure food, water, shelter and other essential resources, plus reproduce and protect their offspring much more efficiently together than they could apart. At the same time, the humans who developed and used new tools that helped them adapt to their environment thrived. Not only did this enable some of our ancestors to outcompete rivals and survive the harsh environments of the ancient world, but they also emerged from it as the masters of the modern world.

Amy Weissby Amy Weiss   

There was a brief period of time a few years back when it seemed that live events might be replaced. Virtual meetings, webinars, podcasts — everything about the virtual office felt like it might transfer over to meetings and conferences, rendering the need to interact in person obsolete. But that didn’t happen — and for good reason.

LarryTrevarthenby Larry Trevarthen  

Document imaging has many commonalities across businesses in different vertical segments. All require speed, high image quality, exceptional paper handling and affordable solutions. Today’s businesses are looking beyond the hardware for complete solutions that integrate into their document management systems, provide document security, and are fully network compatible. In many ways, these multifunction solutions can be placed horizontally across many vertical segments. 

GregWalterscolorsqby Greg Walters  

When viewed historically, advancements appear like a bolt of lightning — sudden and clear, impacting everything with overwhelming popularity and acceptance. But it is never that simple, never a flash in the pan. Here is a quick timeline of some of the greatest business advancements in history:

GregBuschmanwebby Greg Buschman  

In a recent blog for Workflow magazine, we began learning the importance of being relevant to business leaders. Not only must we use language they understand, but we must also engage in topical conversations in which they are interested. The highest level of selling is not focused on the salesperson, their product, services, price or their company. Take a look at the graphic below. On the left side of the center line, on the lower level, product- and price-oriented sales skills are required. However, if your desire is to advance into large and strategic accounts, where the real money and sales stability can be found, you must learn the skills on the right-hand side of the graph: strategic selling skills. 

Patricia Amesby Patricia Ames   

Phil Boatman is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in the industry. Most people in the channel have had the pleasure of his company at one industry occasion or another. Boatman is currently the business alliance manager for Lexmark where he works to drive growth for the company’s largest dealer channel partners. After a recent analyst briefing by Lexmark, I had the opportunity to speak with him about channel programs at Lexmark, where he sees growth in the coming year, and what sets Lexmark apart from the competition.

GregWalterscolorsqby Greg Walters   

“When I grow up, I want to sell copiers and printers,” said nobody, ever.

"If two years ago you told me I would be selling copiers, I would have slugged you in the head,” said new reps everywhere.