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by Toni DuGal | 6/29/15

Before the age of software-as-a-service (SaaS), automation, mobile and analytics – the drivers behind the evolution of the document outsourcing industry – the market was radically different. In looking back at the space, which was characterized by siloed workflows, black-and-white communications and lack of transparency regarding print spend, it was a truly scary time – much like being trapped on Isla Sorna in Jurassic Park!

by Patricia Ames | 6/17/15

In an exclusive online extension of the popular Channel Chat feature, I had the chance to explore how the Millennials approach the June theme of “Best Practices in Sales & Marketing” with PrintFleet’s crack marketing team – Elise McFarlane and Kristen Deyo.

David Brown | 6/15/15

The Imaging Channel spoke with David Brown, President of Collicutt Energy Services Inc. recently to get a briefing on what businesses can do to be prepared when faced with a disaster that includes loss of power. We learned that there are certain steps and precautions business owners can and should take to mitigate the damage done.

by Amy Weiss | 6/5/15

Picture a world where your every move is monitored. Where danger lurks around even the most innocuous-looking corners. Where even the most mundane task puts your very existence at risk. 
It’s not 1984, it’s not Jurassic Park, it’s not a Steven King book. It’s real life in the year 2015.

by Greg Walters | 5/11/15

HIMSS is a national, yearly show promoting technology in healthcare put on by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. One can find providers for everything from hospital beds to billing software; from business intelligence to prescription printing.

by Jake Fishman | 4/1/15

Three months and two national dealer meetings into 2015 and it’s clear that one of the greatest trends taking place in the MFP industry has almost nothing to do with imaging equipment or the printed page. Like never before, MFP manufacturers and dealers are investing in Managed IT Services, with the goals of differentiating their offerings, diversifying their revenue sources, and building a bridge to the less-print future.

by Kevin Craine | 3/25/15

Mergers and acquisitions are rampant in the tech world, and another big one was announced yesterday. Lexmark and Kofax announced that the two companies have entered into a merger agreement in which Lexmark will acquire Kofax for a total enterprise value of approximately $1 billion.

by Greg Walters | 3/23/15

This year’s ITEX show was my fourth so although there are folks who’ve attended a dozen or so times, I have a bit of perspective.  There was a time when I felt we as an industry had too many shows — Lyra, TIEX, BTA, OEM dealer events, Photizo, Recharger, etc. — we seemed to be talking a great deal, but just among ourselves about ourselves. Some may feel that after one or two years, shows regurgitated the same content.  Others, felt instead of learning, attendees were marketing targets, ending up in somebody else funnel.  And still others found the entire process costly and without merit — irrelevant.

by Patricia Ames | 2/27/15

I can’t remember a time when I have returned from an OEM dealer event where the two biggest impressions left with me were music and laughter. But it just happened at the recent Konica Minolta event. That says a lot about a company that is also absolutely serious about technology and innovation.

by Greg Walters | 2/17/15

Managed print services as they once were have been replaced by dead programs. More than that — walking dead programs. Zombies. Barely detectable, cannibalistic programs crept into organizations of all sizes promising impossible cost reductions and spreading the commoditization of services. The establishment, in unfamiliar territory, created a false sanctuary and moved toward small-footprint, multifunction laser printers. Some returned to liquid toner, hoping to shake those pesky cartridge re-animators while others implemented subscription-based schemes. Some stayed the course selling copiers.