by Brad Roderick | 1/11/16

In the last installment of this blog series we looked at “grit” or “mental toughness” as a necessity for anyone looking to be more, create more or do more than the average person.  James Clear puts it this way: “In every area of life – from your education to your work to your health – it is your amount of grit, mental toughness, and perseverance that predicts your level of success more than any other factor we can find.” According to Angela Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania, “Our hypothesis that grit is essential to high achievement evolved during interviews with professionals in investment banking, painting, journalism, academia, medicine and law.”

by Amy Weiss | 1/8/16

One of the more interesting ways to start each year is by watching the stream of new technology that comes out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Every year it takes over my RSS feed, my Twitter stream and my email, bombarding me with the latest in technology and cool gadgets that I absolutely need to make my life better.

by Marc Winter | 1/6/16

As we kick off 2016, IT providers are set to implement their best-laid plans to drive growth over 2015. Many have done some research into trends, aligned their businesses to mimic the competitors that they believe are successful or will just push forward with 2015 initiatives. Do you believe turning the calendar to a new year provides the opportunity to “reset” or that fulfilling the trending needs of clients is an ongoing part of your business?

by Doug Johnson | 12/28/15

In my last blog, I hypothesized that the printing and imaging market is bifurcating and affecting all points of the value chain.  Economic buyers in the (near) future will either buy in transactional, commodity-like ways, OR they are buying outsourced services.  The former is often done by functional-level and below decision makers while the latter is done by C-level decision makers. 

by Steven Pearl 12/17/15

Sustainability has been a hot button with customers in the imaging industry for years, with vendors offering lower-energy-use products, utilizing safer manufacturing methods and offering environmentally responsible waste-collection programs. Of course, having to meet more stringent government requirements and certifications were critical driving factors for these improvements, but it has trickled down to our customers, who are now more sensitive than ever regarding sustainability-related issues. Well, we can all expect to step it up a notch. Now that the Global Climate Accord has been passed, it would be wise to anticipate an even greater interest and sensitivity to the environmental impact of imaging-related products and services. Basically, expect 2016 to be a watershed, sustainable year, and it would make sense to start getting ready now, before customers begin asking about issues related to reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 

by Patricia Ames | 11/27/15

Clover Technologies is a global powerhouse in the imaging supplies industry and is the world’s largest collector and recycler of inkjet and laser cartridges as well as cell phones. Jim Cerkleski heads this massive operation with more than $1 billion in annual revenue, and getting an interview with him is about as easy as sighting a unicorn. Thanks to a new partnership with MWAi, the donation of a Harley “Fat Bob” for raffle as part of MWAi’s annual Rolling Thunder charity ride, and the Tokyo Innovation Fair, the impossible has occurred. Join us in the SpeakEasy as we discuss strategy with Jim Cerkleski, as well as Mike Stramaglio, the CEO of MWAi. 

by Martin de Martini | 11/18/15

In the venture investment community, a unicorn is a startup company whose valuation has exceeded $1 billion. Similar to its fairy book meaning – a legendary creature never seen – we are drawn to it in the hopes that it is really true. More often than not, however, something too good to be true is found to be less than promised.

by Patricia Ames | 11/16/15

Many, many moons ago when I was in college living what now seems to have been a glorious carefree life, I had the great pleasure in taking part in a spring festival we called “Muckawanna.” When the days started getting warm again and the specter of finals was still many weeks away, there would be a day of ridiculously childish behavior that was absolutely cathartic. 

by Toni DuGal | 11/9/15

The facts are in: As laptops, smartphones and tablets proliferate, they have created an era of mobile workers. This shift in the paradigm has made mobile productivity a business necessity for a company to remain competitive in this market. Many organizations have implemented new mobile work policies in an effort to attract more workers looking for increased flexibility.

by Brad Roderick | 10/28/15

As a kid, who didn’t love Halloween? You got to stay up late, run through the neighborhood, and annoy people by ringing their doorbells and screaming at them — and they rewarded you with candy! But the best part of it was that we got to be our favorite superhero.