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Five Ways Imaging Advances Are Helping SMBs Compete

xerox socialby Tracey Koziol, Xerox

Technology advances have enabled small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to overcome many advantages of scale that once were exclusive to large enterprises. The web expands market reach. Mobile devices speed communications from the field. Automation boosts quality and productivity while cutting costs. 


Good Leaders and the Golden Rule
Greg Buschman

by Greg Buschman and Larry Buschman   In our modern fast-paced society, it seems that few are willing to volunteer to take a leadership position.  When asked, however, people are willing to do much as a follower.  There are many reasons for this, but...

A Vertical Roadmap From Lexmark’s Experts
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames   Recently, Lexmark took their roadshow to Las Vegas, where they met with more than 40 dealers from the region. The event — one of six the company hosted across North America this year — featured networking sessions, briefings and...

Why SBB is Better for the Dealer
Ken Edmonds

by Ken Edmonds   In the last post, we discussed some of the differences between seat based billing (SBB) and managed print services (MPS). In this post, we will look at how the differences affect the profitability of service, and why SBB can be more...