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SMBs and Digital Transformation

oneill socialby Tom O’Neill for The Imaging Channel

A new age of managing business information and business processes began in 1981 with the introduction of the IBM PC (personal computer). As the first desktop computer system designed for an individual (and with the subsequent software that became available) it revolutionized how information was created and processed in business. Computing power was no longer limited to large enterprises but could be acquired and used by small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to improve their productivity and competitiveness. One could say that digital transformation of SMBs began 37 years ago. 


Brother Partnership, Elevate and A4 Growth Among the Highlights at Toshiba LEAD 2018
Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss  From September 4-6, 2018, Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) and Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) once again came together to hold its annual conference, LEAD (Learn, Engage, Act and Deliver) at the Bellagio in Las...

How Cloud-Based Solution Offerings are Empowering Dealers and Their SMB Customers
Brandon Gross

by Brandon Gross  It’s 6 on a Tuesday morning and I’m among 200 other groggy travelers descending a jetway that’s plastered with cloud-based-solution advertisements.  Rewind 14 hours and I was participating in a roundtable meeting with a local dealer...

Advice for New Copier Sales Reps: The Hateful Cold Call
Greg Walters

by Greg Walters  Newbies, take caution. Some say phone cold calling is dead. But, for the new copier salesperson, the phone is your lifeline. For you, the cold call is alive and well. For you, it’s dial for dollars or hit the bricks. It is a miracle...