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How the MFP Contributes to the Paperless — and Paper-Efficient — Office

Epsonby Larry Trevarthen, Epson America

As the office market has evolved from desktops to mobile, the multifunction printer (MFP) has evolved as well. Not only is the MFP the critical printer for high impact color documents in the office, it is also a fundamental element of the digital ecosystem with its scan and mobile integration. In this sense, the MFP bridges the gap between the paper and digital environment. Today, in addition to print, copy, scan and fax, MFPs offer connectivity and fully integrated solutions on both laser and business inkjet platforms.    


The Impact of Printing on End-to-End Security
Henning Volkmer

by Henning Volkmer | 10-05-2017 Printing processes sensitive information of some kind almost every time the printer warms up and whirs to life. Those looking to secure their organization’s environment are almost certainly familiar with the current regulation and standards...

The Two Wolves of Sales, Part 2: Which Wolf Do You Feed?
Brad Roderick

by Brad Roderick | 10-02-2017 In Part One, we considered the fable of the Two Wolves and how it applies to sales and business development. We recognized that living in the mind of the prospect are two wolves: Opportunity and Fear. We concluded that while the wolves coexist,...

The Raiders, Copiers, Vegas and Ray Morgan
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 09-28-2017   Believe it or not, these items have a lot in common. On September 21, Ray Morgan held the grand opening of their new Las Vegas location, complete with food, drink, gift baskets, demos, virtual assistants and Raiders football players. Big shout out to...