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Unlikely Hardware Trends – Scanners, Apps and User Interfaces

Scannerby Patricia Ames, The Imaging Channel

As digital transformation continues to grab hold of more and more businesses, paper usage continues to decline. But don’t let this dip fool you — there is still paper at play. A lot of it. Just because you stopped using paper doesn’t mean the rest of the world did too. And then, even if we are truly going digital, all of that existing paper has to be digitized somehow. 


Q&A With Jan De Kesel
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 05-17-2017 Jan De Kesel is managing director at eesyQ, a free mobile service portal and collaboration tool that provides a centralized ticket-communication between end users and suppliers. eesyQ is designed to change the way companies communicate and how...

Debunking the Myths: Third-Party Tests Prove ‘Quality’ and ‘Remanufactured’ are Not Mutually Exclusive
Luke Goldberg

by Luke Goldberg | 05-15-2017 Ever since the first toner cartridge was remanufactured back in the 1980s, OEMs have been disparaging the quality of aftermarket cartridges. And while in those early days they were probably right to do so, times have changed and today’s...

Connectivity, Security, Channel Evolution: Big Themes at ECS
Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss | 05-11-2017 Let’s get something straight right off the bat: putting on a conference is hard work. Really hard work. We’re talking blood, sweat and tears, and that’s just picking a date. Organizing a venue, putting together a lineup of speakers, ensuring...